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Boycott The Drudge Report

Flush Drudge! (His website sucks anyway).

Boycott The Drudge Report

Matt Drudge has been at the cutting edge of the smear campaign against Cindy Sheehan, the bereaved mother of a U.S. Soldier who was killed in Iraq.  Cindy has been camped outside of Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas demanding to speak with the pResident.

Matt Drudge has libelously accused Cindy of blaming her son's death on Israel.  A position that she does not hold and never stated.  Matt Drudge has done his best to falsely claim that Cindy's position on Bush has changed and contradicts her earlier position.  Drudge's false claims have been repeated by Fox News and others.  Additionally, Matt Drudge has become the mouthpiece and amplifier for any shred of confusion he can cast upon the meaning of Cindy's stand, going so far as to drag relatives and personal matters into the fray.

Matt Drudge is the poster child of the neo-con smear program and it is time that we took action against him.  This is a decentralized call for all progressives, liberals, anarchists, socialists and people of conscious to boycott The Drudge Report.

If you visit the Drudge Report for news headlines, find another venue to read.  Do not visit his website.  If you advertise on the Drudge Report, withhold your advertising.  If you have a website and link to the Drudge Report, remove the link from your website.  If you have The Drudge Report bookmarked in your "Favorites", please delete the bookmark.

If you have any information on the personal life of Matt Drudge, especially anything that would embarrass him, please post it online.  Let him know what it feels like.

Drudge depends upon daily click numbers for his revenue.  Let's shut him down!


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Re: Boycott The Drudge Report

Your solicitation of personal dirt on Drudge shows me that you have no substantive arguments with which to counter him. Unless he says that the credibility of his website is dependant on his impeccable personal virtue then his personal life is irrelevant. Are you advocating that we should live in a police state where people’s private lives are no longer private?


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