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Proposed desalination plant endangers ocean and public water rights

Poseidon Inc, a multi-national water privatization corporation, wants to build a publicly subsidized desalination plant in Huntington Beach.
Residents for Responsible Desalination is trying to stop the construction of an unneeded, pollution causing, urban sprawl inducing desalination plant that would be located in Huntington Beach, California and owned by a multi-national private corporation. Construction of the plant would violate the Public Trust doctrine that protects water ownership for the benefit of all. Under international treaties, construction would open up the coast to other private desalination plants that would violate local and national sovereignty.

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Comments on the Recirculated Environmental Impact Report for the desalination plant proposed by Poseidon Inc. for Huntington Beach:

Environmental Coalition on REIR (May 27):“premature and unnecessary.?

NEW California Coastal Commission (May 26): “...numerous significant shortcomings...for CEQA review.?

NEW Municipal Water District of Orange County (May 27): “The statement that the ‘No Project’ alternative does not meet these objectives is misleading, incorrect and self-serving.?

NEW Metropolitan Water District (May 26): “...some of our comments...were not adequately addressed.?

NEW Letter from Tampa Bay (July 3): “The people of Huntington Beach should think long and hard...?

NEW Dept of Parks & Rec. (May 26): “...may impact the natural and recreational resources the public enjoys.?

NEW Department of Fish & Game (May 27): “...biological surveys for sensitive species should be conducted prior to the release of the DEIR.?

NEW Orange County Water District (May 27)

NEW Orange County Fair & Expo Center (May 27)

NEW HB Environmental Board

NEW Irvine Ranch Water District

NEW Association of Governors

NEW County of Orange


NEW AES Entrainment/ Impingement Study (PDF):

NEW “The recently completed study describes, among other things, the loss of hundreds of millions of individuals of various species each year due to entrainment and impingement caused by the power plant. The study further concludes that organisms from just eleven target species lost due to entrainment are equivalent to those produced in up to almost two square miles of the near shore waters off Huntington Beach. This is a significantly greater impact than the effects described in the DREIR...We recommend further revisions of the DREIR incorporate the results of the Energy Commission study into its analyses.? California Coastal Commission report.

NEW California Energy Commision-Huntingto n Beach Generating Retool Project-Commission Decision. (75mg-downlowd time may be lengthy—slams AES power plant

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