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Queeruption 9

You are invited to the 9th Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, August 2006!
In the last Queeruption* in Barcelona there was a proposal by present Israeli queers to hold the next Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, which was welcome by activists from the Middle East, Europe and North America. The initiative came from our belief that as queers we view ourselves as part of the global struggle for freedom, justice and self determination.

Thousands of LGBT people are expected to attend the World Pride event in Jerusalem in August 2006. This event is also used as a chance for the Israeli office of foreign affairs to hide the government’s war crimes behind a rainbow flag. The slogan of the World Pride Parade is “Love Without Borders?. We believe that love without borders should reject occupation, Apartheid, social injustice, ecological destruction and walls. There has been a global call to boycott this event by various Palestine solidarity groups as well. We feel that it is important to push our solidarity further by coming to Israel and Palestine for a celebration of our diversity, empowerment and resistance.

This is the first time that Queeruption takes place outside the borders of rich western states. This Queeruption will also extend beyond the centralized location in Tel-Aviv to the West Bank and to spice up the World Pride parade in Jerusalem. There are also possibilities for people interested in staying longer to join solidarity work in the area which we will provide links to. There will be also a group who will come to Tel-Aviv some time before the event to help set things up.

Given the social and cultural situation there are a lot of issues to be considered and discussed during the preparation process and through the event. We need your help, whether you are coming or not, with fundraising, publicity, knowledge and skills, ideas, or on ground preparation.

For this, or if you have any further questions or comments please contact by subscribing the new mailing list of the Queeruption. Send a mail to: majordomo (at) With the words:
subscribe queeruption9tel-aviv
in the body of the message.

* Queeruption is a do-it-yourself, anti-commercial, non-hierarchal, safe and open space for workshops, music, art, actions, parties, sex, performances and everything you propose and/or prepare. Queeruption welcomes and celebrates all gender identities and sexualities, with no toleration to sexism, macho behavior, racism, hetrophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination based on different abilities or ages, and any form of aggression.

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