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Bush sr's torture boss on Board of Nature Conservancy

Thomas Stroock was Bush sr's ambassador to Guatemala 1989-92, and supervised CIA death squad and torture operations.
Thomas Stroock was Dick Cheneys' political mentor from his early days in Wyoming. In her book "The Blindfold's Eyes" Dianna Ortiz describes how he covered up her rape and torture at the hands of 3 CIA 'assets' in the Guatemalan Army ( ). Her torturers forced her to hold a knife as they stabbed another woman with it, and held her over a rat infested pit full of mutilated, dead and dying men, women, and children (some of the 40,000 "disappeared"). This top secret CIA facility was run by Randy Capister, aka "Alexandro", working under Stroock out of the US Embassy in Guatemala City. Capister is identified in ex-DEA agent Celerino Castillo's book "Powderburns" ( , see "photos"). Today Stroock is a professor at University of Wyoming, runs his own oil drilling company, and sits on the Board of Trustees of the Nature Conservancy

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