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Midnight Mystery Bike Ride 9/2

The best Midnight Mystery Bike Ride ever.
Midnight Mystery Ride - Bike Piracy Chaos!!

Howdy all, this is your friendly reminder that this Friday's Midnight
Mystery Ride will be the funnest thing EVER, and if you miss it than
you are officially a TOTAL L7 (SQUARE)!!

Meet Friday Sept 2 at Midnight at the Poet and Patriot Pub in the
alley of Pacific behind the Graffix head shop (got that?) Look for a
big mob of freaky people on bicycles.

The Midnight Mystery Ride (MMR) is a bimonthly mass bike. We take
over the streets, provide a positive alternative to fossil fuel
dependency, make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun. The "mystery"
part is that you will be led to a secret party whereabouts, the
location of which is only known by the ride leader, who this week
just happens to be a certain clever Monkey.
The MMR is all about ROWDINESS and FUN and BIKES!! Wear a silly
costume!! Bring bike tools, party favors, noisemakers, bubble film,
silly string, etc. Please get ahold of me ASAP if you want to help
me flyer.
And don't miss the secret suprise, this week only!

-the MonkeyBoy

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