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North Texas Anti-Racist Action Feeds Day Laborers

August 2nd, 2005: Members of the North Texas Anti-Racist Action Chapter had a sleepover. But, this was not an endeavor of pillow fights and makeovers. The NTARA spent the night assembling sack lunches that would soon be distributed to Day Laborers.
NTARA Feeds Day Laborers
by spencer - North Texas Anti-Racist Action Thursday, Sep 1 2005, 1:09pm
spencerduran (at)

The lunches consisted of one turkey and cheese sandwich, one banana, one bottle of water, and mustard and mayonnaise. Funding for the food and packaging came from donation jars stationed at local businesses in Denton. With thirty dollars raised, this provided enough money for sixty complete lunch packages.

With the lunches made, the NTARA members headed out. Denton’s site for Day Laborers is located on Carroll Drive. By 7am, half of the lunches were passed out and happily accepted by the workers. The traffic at the site seemed low, so the activists decided to try another location. They then headed to Lewisville. Here, they found workers cowering behind dumpsters and scattered across small side streets. The workers hid from police, but were happily greeted by prospective employers in work type vehicles. The atmosphere was tense but the workers accepted the lunches happily, so long as no prospective employers or local authorities were around. By 9am, all the lunches had been distributed. The NTARA members walked away in shock at the condition of the local labor pool and vowed to make this an ongoing project.

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