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Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Lo. USA

Floods in New Orleans threaten more lives whilst rescue services appear unable to cope and hospitals and evacuation centers are facing isolation and power outages.

Despite years old warnings that New Orleans was a major risk for flooding following a hurricane, funding was slashed and Louisiana State and US Federal rescue services have now been unable to cope with the developing tragedy in the wake of Hurricane Katrina earlier this week. Flood waters continue to rise, and more people are being threatened with their lives on an hourly basis: emergency evacuation centers - including the Superdome - are isolated and State governor, Kathleen Blanco has called for the complete evacuation of the city. Further claims state that it will be months before the city becomes inhabitable again

Reports from New Orleans state that "things were so crazy: it was all poor black people and old white people - the people who couldn't afford to get out." William Quigley, a Law Professor at Loyola University has said that " They are estimating that it may take several days to evacuate these people - water, electricity, food, security all will be gone by then." Indeed, enforced evacuations began yesterday - following a mass exodux from the city in advance of the hurricane - but initial estimates that expected them to be complete by the evening of August 30th were overly optimistic. And, while outside agencies struggle to help, thousands remain stuck - including inside hospitals [ 1 | 2 ].

Meanwhile, it appears that priorities were focused elsewhere: it seems the US is more concerned with oil - the price of petrol is rising and both Florida and Hawaii are trying to conserve their stocks, following on from the devastating effects of Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico; questions are also being asked if the National Guard is being stretched thin by Iraq War? And while Bush can't meet anti-war protestors, his plane is diverted over New Orleans. The irony doesn't stop...

[New Orleans Weather Warning (28th August) | Democracy Now! reports (Aug. 30th) | Explanation about Hurricanes (MP3) | Further analysis: 1 , 2 , 3 | Insane looting? - Not at all! ]


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Re: Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Lo. USA

GOD will keep the people in new orleans protected adn instead of bush worryign about the gas he should worry about prayign for the people who are left homeless and stranded.

Re: Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Lo. USA

god will always does things for a reason. so alothough you dont see it now something good will come out of this! stay positive!!!!

Katrina Enspires New Crisis Niche Search Engine

I have made a customized EMERGENCY type search engine that links only to crisis situation type websites (like relief aide, evacuation planning layouts, crisis management setup and others relating to disasters caused by terrorism, natural disasters, poverty, disease and man-made war), see ... This niche portal was made after the Katrina devastation and hopefully it will assist humanity in/during the next disasterous crisis...

Please add related crisis blogs and websites to the database, already 1,000 websites spidered for meta data (fetched meta tags for description, title and keywords, plus we then grab the text from page and cache it for further searchable data)...

Also a portal as at the bottom of every search page has external links. Also a 'Suggestion Bot' that tries to suggest similar terms to use in further queries... Blogs/forums are on the way (being created so people can find more personalized one-on-one advice/help) for people to post missing friends, family, pets or post about volunteering or possible stradegies for Emergency Planning for current crisises or Clean-Up plans for past disasters.

My first ever nonprofit humanitarian project was which only covers resources for those living homeless (I had suffered homelessness a few times as a youth). I will try to come up with other helping humanity type portals as I can afford too...



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