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NYC IMC’s Indypendent seeks help to expose truth


The tragedy in New Orleans requires an immediate humanitarian response, one that has been criminally slow to date.
This is but the latest crime of a corrupt and brutish White House. Disgust can barely describe the feeling of watching the world’s most powerful country leave thousands to die like animals, their fates determined solely by their income, their health, their skin color.

But this tragedy also demands an immediate political response.

The NYC IMC’s Indypendent is already working on a special eight-page issue looking at this most unnatural of disasters. We will be looking at how this horror unfolded and the need to make accountable the Bush administration for its extreme indifference that resulted in thousands of preventable deaths.

We need a response that isn’t afraid to point fingers at the very top, to say this is the result of the same policies that have turned Iraq into a horrorshow, to condemn unequivocally this murderous racism.

We want to produce and distribute 50,000 copies of this special issue around the country.

But we need your help to do it. Now.

Besides donating to grassroots relief efforts, please help us produce this special issue.

It can be one step toward galvanizing public outrage at what borders on genocide, and to turn anger into action.

The more donations we get, the more copies of the paper we can print and get into people’s hands right away when it matters most.

One hundred percent of funds will go toward printing and shipping costs.

Every $40 means another 1,000 copies printed. Every $100 means 2,000 papers we can ship to another city.

Please go to to make your contribution right away.

In the comments box, please specify “Katrina Emergency?.

Thank you for all your help!

The Indypendent & NYC IMC

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