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Where to give: Grassroots / Low-income / POC-led relief

Targeting donations for democratic rebuilding: relief efforts led by, and/or accountable to, low-income people, people of color and local people in NOLA and other affected areas.
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This is a list-in-formation of smaller, locally-based groups -- upon whom the democratic rebuilding of New Orleans and other devastated areas will depend. Many are registered charities; some are more seat-of-the-pants efforts to just get food, water and medication into bodies by refugees who have organized convoys to go back home.

Donating only to big-box charities means that decisions about how to allocate relief and re-empower local residents stays in the hands of (mostly) well-meaning, but non-representative, organizations. Please consider supporting the work of the people who are most directly affected to rebuild themselves.

If you have info about groups to add to this list, please e-mail relief (at) Thanks!

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