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Caravan to the Border to Join the Fight Against the Minutemen on September 16-18

The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen is organizing a bus to leave San Francisco on Thursday night, September 15th to go down to San Diego & join others in shutting down the Minutemen’s operations. The cost is $30 per person
sliding scale (this is to cover the cost of gas and the bus). Need a ride? Email stoptheminutemen (at)
We will be
camping so come prepared with camp gear i.e. flashlights, sleeping bags, tents,
water, etc

Need a ride? To get on the bus, you need to email stoptheminutemen (at)
and confirm that you are coming on the bus (ASAP! ASAP!)

We are aiming to be back late Monday night or Tuesday morning, but working on
other arrangements as well. Please email with questions. More information will
be posted soon.

*If you have a vehicle and are interested in caravanning down for the weekend
and can take passengers let us know too. *

For more info, check out: or email
stoptheminutemen (at)

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Re: Caravan to the Border to Join the Fight Against the Minutemen on September 16-18

Hey folks,

Many folks from the South Bay and Santa Cruz area have expressed serious interest in participating in actions to confront the Minutemen and other racist organizing along the border. There is a call for people to converge for a No Border Camp and actions running from Friday September 16th through Sunday September 18th and affinity groups are organizing to attend.

- For the Call itself and a schedule of events and
actions see:

- The call is coming from an organizing collective
aligning itself with People’s Global Action Network and subscribing to the PGA hallmarks of anti-oppression, anti-capitalism, direct action, and autonomism.

An affinity group of Global Justice, gender justice, and economic justice folks that I have worked with in the past are going to the border for the 9/16-9/18 actions. We want to get in touch with people who are getting ready to attend the actions or are thinking about going in the South Bay and Santa Cruz areas. If you are planning on going, let’s coordinate logistically for these events, as well as network for mutual aid in future immigrant’s rights, human rights, and labor organizing.

Getting Organized for the Border Camp and Actions:

- Forward this email to friends and allies

- Respond to this email if you want to be in touch with our affinity group for this and future organizing (IWW workers’ rights trainings, organizing trainings, and Minimum Wage hike campaigns that are being discussed in the Santa Cruz area)

- Send a member of your affinity group or come find a group to organize with at a planning/information meeting this Thursday:

Bay Area Wide Information Meeting Against the Minutemen
Thursday Sept. 8
Mission Cultural Center
2868 Mission St. San Francisco

- Email stoptheminutemen (at) for information on buses and housing for those heading to the border

- South Bay/Santa Cruz planning meeting prior to the actions if necessary

- Someone please forward this on to the UCSC Student Worker Coalition

After the actions, we will have the opportunity to do further organizing in the community through forums or other public events to share what we are doing and hear what needs to be done to fight racism in our communities and stay ready to raise hell whenever immigrants and workers come under attack.


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