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From A Buenas Noches Brigade... a Buenas Noches Army!

A Call for Autonomous Direct Action to Smash the Rise of
Fascism and Racism In Our Communities

A Call for Autonomous Direct Action to Smash the Borders
That Capitalism Depends On

This is a call to all people who will be converging on the San
Diego/Tijuana, Campo and Calexico/Mexicali regions to engage in
autonomous direct action to stop the Minutemen, document it and share it
with the world.
The Minutemen have demonstrated that they are willing to change their
plans out of fear of disruption by Anarchists. The Minutemen have
experienced continuous disruption from the Buenas Noches Brigade in
Campo, and are changing the way they operate as a result.

In July and August, our affinity group, the Buenas Noches Brigade,
successfully engaged in night time interventions using sound, music,
light, anti-racist literature and poetry to completely disrupt the
activities of the Minutemen. In Arizona over a hundred migrant
people were caught. In California, only two migrant people were caught,
and they were picked up hitchhiking. Nevertheless, in California two
migrant people were mysteriously shot in the area where the Minutemen
were patrolling, while the Minutemen operation was going on. Although
Mexican authorities claim that it was a "bandit", nothing was stolen and
the assailants used laser scopes.

Every time we interacted with the Minutemen, we had multiple video
cameras with us and some of the footage was sent to and aired by the
corporate media. Even a small group with some bullhorns, video cameras,
cell phones and determination can destroy the silence and darkness that
the Minutemen need to hunt migrant people.

In September, starting on Mexican independence day, September 16th, the
Friends of the Border Patrol, a vigilante group with ties to the
Minutemen, have announced that they will be patrolling three locations:
Calexico, Campo and "Smuggler's Gulch", near Border Field State Park.

In addition, the California Minutemen will begin a patrol on September
11th in Campo, California, playing on the anti-terrorist rhetoric which
has drained our country's resources and heightened anti-immigrant and
racial tensions.

As it will be difficult to organize mass numbers of people to intercept
the Minutemen in these various areas, we are calling on people to
organize themselves into small affinity groups and do autonomous direct
action to disrupt and stop the Minutemen patrols. For more info on
affinity groups, try this:

Also, here are some more ideas for organizing autonomously:

You can see maps of the areas here:


Border Field State Park, San Ysidro: field state park&ll=32.540735,-117.112370&sll=32.727509,-115.499954&spn=0.015088,0.027030&sspn=0.126792,0.227623&t=h&num=8&start=0&hl=en

Campo: springs road, campo, ca&ll=32.616966,-116.474991&spn=0.058927,0.096216&t=h&hl=en

Consider this an invitation. Consider this a list of targets. Consider
this a playbill. Do as you will. Come up with the tactics you and your
group are comfortable with, and which fulfills your feelings towards the
racist vigilantes.

Take some good photos or video. Wear a sexy mask. Be safe. Don't get
caught. Or do! Whatever you think will be the most effective to stop
these racist vigilantes from ever coming out of their holes again. Smash
the Minutemen. Or, just read them poetry at 3am. Or, cross the border
and shine lights back at them. Fireworks are interesting at night as
well. We must let them know that we will do what it takes to stand up
for the human rights and the freedom of migrant people.

Some good places to share the stories from your actions are,, and

As we see more refugees and more internally displaced people all over
the world from economic disasters, natural disasters and war in all its
forms, we must all defend their right to migrate, to stay and to go as
they please, and to be treated with dignity and humanity.

There will also be more centralized actions that you can take part in. In San Diego and Calexico, there will be large marches and rallies and a No Border Camp. More information about these events is available at .

We will take action for Freedom of Movement, Autonomy and Dignity for
all people in September. Join us, to end the rise of fascism in our

From A Buenas Noches Brigade, to a Buenas Noches Army!

- The Buenas Noches Brigade

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