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only the truth is revolutionairies the forest preced man the desert follow him

humanity wont be happy till the last capitalist is hung with the guts of the last bureaucrat
a single nonrevolutionaries weekend is infinitely more bloody than a mouth of total revolution
religion is the ultimate con to be free in 2005
is to participate.
obedience begins with consciousness
consciousness start with disobedience

Well, it's not an insurgency, as the Bush regime is
NOT legitimate. An insurgency is defined as those who
resist an established government. Hence, they need to
be referred to as 'resistance fighters,' as in Iraq.
remove "any bureaucratic obstacles that may be
preventing us from achieving our goals". [Yes, please
remove *yourselves.*]
Boredom is counterrevolutionary.
We want to live.
In a society that has abolished every kind of
the only adventure that remains is to abolish the
The liberation of humanity is all or nothing.
Those who make revolutions half way only dig their own
No replastering, the structure is rotten.
The revolution is incredible because it’s really
Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!
Live in the moment.
Down with the state.
When the National Assembly becomes a bourgeois
theater, all the bourgeois theaters should be turned
into national assemblies.*Referendum: whether we vote
yes or no, it turns us into suckers.
Let’s not change bosses, let’s change life.
Nature created neither servants nor masters.
I want neither to rule nor to be ruled.
We will have good masters as soon as everyone is their
own.Don’t be taken in by the politicos and their
filthy demagogy.
We must rely on ourselves.
Socialism without freedom is a barracks.
All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Politics is in the streets.
Never work
The boss needs you, you don’t need the boss.
By stopping our machines together we will demonstrate
their weakness.
Humanity won’t be happy till the last capitalist is
with the guts of the last bureaucrat.
A single nonrevolutionary weekend is infinitely more
bloody than a month of total revolution.
We refuse to be highrised, diplomaed, licensed,
inventoried, registered, indoctrinated, suburbanized,
sermonized, beaten, telemanipulated, gassed, booked.
The forest precedes man, the desert follows him.
Coming soon to this location: charming ruins.
A revolution that requires us to sacrifice
ourselves for it is Papa’s revolution.
Revolution ceases to be the moment it calls for
I take my desires for reality because I believe
in the reality of my desires.
Be realistic, demand the impossible.
Power to the imagination.
Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is
Imagination is not a gift, it must be conquered.
Action must not be a reaction, but a creation.
Action enables us to overcome divisions and find
The enemy of movement is skepticism. Everything that
has been realized
comes from dynamism, which comes from spontaneity.
We refuse the role assigned to us: we will not be
trained as police dogs.
We don’t want to be the watchdogs or servants of
Take revolution seriously, but don’t take yourself
seriously.Religion is the ultimate con.
Neither God nor master.
If God existed it would be necessary to abolish him.
Can you believe that some people are still Christians?
I suspect God of being a leftist intellectual.
Revolutionary women are more beautiful
Burn commodities
You can’t buy happiness. Steal it.
To be free in 2005 means to participate.
The golden age was the age when gold didn’t reign.
“The cause of all wars, riots and injustices is the
existence of property.?
*The definition in Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary is
actually: “Amnesty: The state’s
magnanimity to those offenders whom it would be too
expensive to punish.?]
Abolish alienation.
Obedience begins with consciousness;
consciousness begins with disobedience.
First, disobey; then write on the walls.
Freedom is the right to silence.
Talk to your neighbors.
Don’t get caught up in the spectacle of opposition.
Oppose the spectacle.
Down with journalists and those who cater to them.
Freedom is the crime that contains all crimes. It is
our ultimate weapon.
Open the gates of the asylums, prisons and other faculties.


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