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Stop the War Demonstration September 24th

Demonstration and March against the Iraq War, September 24th, beginning at Noon, at the Santa Cruz County Court House.
Are you sickened by the killing, torture, and spiraling human and financial costs of the illegal and immoral war in Iraq? Join thousands of demonstrators on September 24th who will send a clear message to the White House and Congress that
we want the Troops to Come Home Now; that the U.S.
needs to End the Corporate Occupation of Iraq; that we should Leave No Bases Behind; and thatr we reject Military Recruitment in Our Schools.
collat dam6copy.pdf (326 k)

Come to the demonstration at the Santa Cruz County Court House, and share ideas on the Culture of Fear that others would have us live under. Discuss solutions to the threat of endless wars that are designed to consolidate more power in the hands of the rulers of the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex.

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Revised flier for September 24th Rally to Stop the War

A different flier that you can copy and distribute. Please post wherever you can.
collat dam6d.pdf (288 k)
When we are united in our demands for an accountable government, we will have one. The powerful elite like nothing better than for us to be quarreling among ourselves about petty issues. That is why they use mainstream media to disseminate so much disinformation. Why hasn't Karl Rove been fired? Could it be that the investigation into who outted Valarie Plame was derailed by accusations against the reporters? Come to the Rally on September 24th to discuss this and similar tactics used against us to keep us confused, doubtful, intimidated, and unorganized.

Re: Stop the War Demonstration September 24th

Nice flyer. Thanks for posting it and for organizing a Santa Cruz action against the war.

Here or there

There will also be a massive convergence in SF the same day if you can/want to make it up.


Re: Stop the War Demonstration September 24th

I'll be in D.C. Hope you have a great turnout in Santa Cruz. Let's stop this war. Peace now!


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