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Interviews from Dome City

A series of interviews from Dome City in Houston, TX
Criticism of Red Cross Relief Efforts at Astrodome
Jamar Jabazz, a young man from Houston, TX has been volunteering with Red Cross since the first Katrina survivors began arriving at the Asrodome. He had harsh criticism of the Red Cross relief operation, and the government's response. 27:07


Katrina Survivor Recounts Experiences

Latasha Allen is a 27 y/o mother of three children, from New Orleans LA. I spoke with her on the morning of Friday, Sept. 8, 2005 as she waited in line for a Red Cross debit card. 9:45


Another Katrina Survivor Recounts Experiences
Trisella Parker a 52 y/o woman from New Orleans, LA describes her experiences, while watng in line for a Red Cross debit card, Friday, Sept 8, 2005. 3:44


"One Day at a Time"
Tim Hall is a 34 y/o minister from New Orleans, LA, whose faith in God has helped him stay hopeful, despite the hellish episode he's been living since Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans. 13:35


Karina Survivors Organize for Better Conditions

43 year-old Larrry Zardes is a spokesperson with Survivors Leadership Team, a newly formed group of Astrodome residents who have organized for better conditions.


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