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All are invited to learn about a crime affecting an estimated one person in 100, and which has yet to be acknowledged by the justice system.
In the past, stalking and domestic abuse were crimes which the justice system ignored, forcing victims to suffer in silence. Nowadays, stalking and domestic abuse have finally become "acceptable" to complain about, and get justice system help in stopping.

There is another growing crime syndrome, which, at this point in time, is "invisible" to the justice system. It goes by a number of names, but "vigilante stalking" is the most specific and explains the motive behind groups of citizens who commit crimes against their neighbours, based entirely on vicious lies about the target. A survey of 12,000 visitors to a questionnaire on the symptoms of vigilante stalking returned a one percent rate of respondents saying they had most or all of the symptoms. One percent of North Americans is a possible three million people who may be currently targeted by this extra-judicial "corrections" program.

Not one justice system or medical system agency has officially acknowledged these crimes to date. However, some womens' assault centers have begun openly and fairly dealing with victims of these crimes as best they can.

Starting in the early 1990s, vigilante stalking was made far more destructive of the lives of its innocent victims through the use of emerging electronic anti-mind/anti-body weapons, which leave no traces and are almost impossible to prove are in use. These weapons act through walls and do not require implants in the target.

A new Internet radio show, "Road to Freedom", began posting weekly one-hour shows on this topic in July, 2005. Both documents about vigilante stalking/electronic harassment, and personal testimonials of those targeted, are featured. The public is invited to visit Road to Freedom's web site and begin to learn about this crime which currently affects North America's towns and cities. Listening is free. Here is the web address of Road to Freedom:

Unchallenged crimes grow and grow, and supporting the effort to expose and stop vigilante stalking/electronic harassment can ensure this crime will not reach you and your family.

Eleanor White, host
Hamilton, Ontario
eleanor (at)

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