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Protests In Aug Show Peace Movement Growing

A woman in NYC disrobes to display "Stop the War" painted on her body, and a man in Binghamton places 1,800 US Flags in is yard to protest the War in Iraq. But there were many, many more who devoted a few hours to show dissent against the war.
Counter-recruitment demonstrators at Halliburton HQ in Houston
handed out information and facts about the Iraq War to people who
were applying for jobs with the company.

The Anniversary of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb saw many demonstrations
around the country at Nuclear Power Plants, Ratheon Corp., Livermore Labs,
the Los Alamos Nevada Test Site, Stratcom, and the Enola Gay at the
Smithsonian. Actor Martin Sheen attended the Demonstration at the Los
Alamos nuclear test site where he performed an act of civil disobedience
for which he and others were given a citation.

Weekly and bi-weekly rallies are being reported in many cities, while
Portland held rallies every day in support of Cindy Sheehan.

Ms. Sheehan has sparked the anti-war movement to the point that even
my politically unconscious town produced 5 times more people than
has ever shown up, to a vigil in solidarity with her (and that was with
only a three day notice). Bless her for spending all that time in that
miserable heat for our sons and daughters. Tens of thousands of her
supporters stood up in over 1,620 cities around the country on Aug. 17
in support of her mission. She has garnered more corporate media
coverage in one month than the over 2,000 demonstrations and vigils
since the Nov. election did.

And sadly, counter-recruitment demonstrators in Pittsburgh were shot with
tasers and bitten by dogs while being attacked by Police.

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