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Sep. 24: Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Convergence at SF Anti-War March. 11am,16th & Mission.

Anarchist Action is calling for a Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist convergence at Sep. 24's anti-War March. Meet at 11 am, 16th & Mision to oppose the state of perpetual war and the system behind it!
Anarchist Action - San Francisco /

The fires of war rage in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and across
the globe. The United States empire continues to murder hundreds of
thousands of
people the world over, establishing regimes and destroying peoples to
satisfy a
never-ending lust for wealth, resources, and global power. The Empire now has
its sights set on Iran.

Inside the heart of the empire, the rich are slashing workers’ real
benefits, pensions, and social services. Here in San Francisco they
are reaping
the benefits of burdening the working class by raising fares and cutting
services on MUNI public transportation. They too are ripping communities
through greedy redevelopment schemes and gentrification. Down on the border,
racist, white nationalists, the Minutemen and their politician allies are
mobilizing forces using the social atmosphere of xenophobia that was
whipped up
by 9/11 and the Iraq war to justify their vigilante actions and racist

On Sep. 24, A.N.S.W.E.R., UFPJ, and others are calling for mass
protests against
the war, which will remain largely routine and symbolic. Coincidently
Sep. 24
is when the major capitalist financial institutions, the International
Fund and the World Bank, are meeting in Washington, D.C. to make plans for
further corporate and imperial control.

Anarchist Action is calling for a revolutionary Anti-Capitalist
Convergence Against the War that same day - take the streets to resist
the war and the system behind it! As long
as there is capitalism - and the state to support it - this perpetual
state of war,
racism, sexism, and xenophobia will continue.

Anarchists are involved in building a mass revolutionary movement
and are using
direct action to resist capitalism, war, the state, and all forms of
social oppression (such as racism, patriarchy, heterosexism, etc.). The
mainstream anti-war movement has been stuck in routine, boring, and reformist
models that have not provided a serious threat to the war and, more
importantly, the system behind it. Symbolic marches and petitioning
have not proven effective in stopping the war. Unlike the established
Left, we
do not seek to control or lead protesters or the movement. Instead, we
seek to
provide a directly democratic space where people can use a diversity of
in autonomous resistance and be actively engaged in the fight for freedom,
liberation, and social revolution.

Converge on 16th and Mission Plaza in SF, 11am, September 24 to
oppose the state
of perpetual war and the system behind it!

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