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Review of Two Great E-books

After reading many of Pastor Michael Treis’ articles I realized no one yet has reviewed his work. I have now read all three of his books and come to the conclusion his work deserves more than a casual look.
Review of: Destruction of America: Conspiracy of Consensus
By Kip Rudhard
Krudhard (at)

Treis’ second book Destruction of America: Conspiracy or Consensus centers on what seems to be the main idea fostered in a theory by James Forrestal, America’s first Secretary of Defense who so brilliantly put it, “if these things happened by accident they would occasionally make a mistake in OUR favor?

Forrestal spoke of happenings in Washington. He spoke of the War & State Departments having been packed with communists during Roosevelt’s administration, and the gigantic military blunders made by them.
Treis alludes to facts that make sense when considered together. Although if one did not tie them together, he would probably miss their importance.
Treis pulls together connections from Waco, the first WTC bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9-11 like a puzzle that has been scattered and reassembled into its proper formation.

Although I don’t know if I agree with his religious assertions and connections to “end time events,? he does make connections to Biblical events that give you pause to think.

I would recommend Treis’ e-book Destruction of America: Conspiracy or Consensus, if for nothing but his analysis of 9-11, which I thought was concise and to the point. Treis’ background in explosives, pyrotechnics and study in controlled demolition have given him the ability to lay the scenario out so it makes sense.

His tracing of a conspiracy leaves little doubt that there are those whose plan for world government is real. That after 200 years is almost in place and answers the question “conspiracy or consensus??

Review of: The Man Made Plagues
By Kip Rudhard
Krudhard (at)

Treis’ work in The Man Made Plagues is written, unlike a somewhat similar work, in laymen’s terms. Apparently Treis came in on the heels of one Dr. Boyd Graves actually receiving much help from Graves through correspondence. Although it is my understanding Treis actually supplied the Flowchart that Graves used online and sold for $10.00 a pop. Treis independently confirmed Graves work.

Treis has taken the work of Graves and the document "This Is A Bio-Attack Alert", written March 28, 1986, by Attorney Theodore A. Strecker and Robert B. Strecker M.D. Ph.D., and put the research into an e-book that a layman can understand.
I must point here the other books including Graves, unlike Treis have lacked mentioning the Strecker memorandum, which proceeded all similar works by almost 15 years. Theodore A. Strecker was “suicided? because he sent a copy of this document to EVERY supposedly, responsible Local, State and Federal Officials.

Treis provided document after government document proving the US Special Virus Cancer Program did in fact create AIDS, HIV, HTLV 1, 2, 3, Ebola and something Treis calls “Cancer Time Bombs?. I cannot emphasize here enough the latter, as there is no apparent “smoking gun? when these viral cancers strike.

All in all The Man Made Plagues is a must read. I cannot criticize enough the black, “powers that be? like Oprah, Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, and the AIDS advocates who refuse to help reveal the true nature of AIDS in Africa as a population control solution. A solution dreamed up by such people as Robert Strange McNamara, former Secretary of Defense during the Kennedy and Johnston administrations and president of the World Bank, Nixon, Kissinger and others.

The Man Made Plagues is a writing that could change the face of our government as the players haven’t changed that much. Change the hope for a real cure for AIDS and others diseases used as population control devices. Michael Treis has done an adequate job proving this thesis and it should not be taken lightly.

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