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Road to Freedom Seeks Interviewees

"Road to Freedom" show seeks law enforcement or medical personnel, or citizens who "know something" about vigilante stalking for anonymous interviews.
If you are a sworn police officer, or a licenced psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health counselor, we would like to interview you ANONYMOUSLY in a non-confrontational mode on Road to Freedom. We will need to have some form of verification that you are credentialled but we will ensure that no record of your identity will be kept. We are interested in opening a dialogue about vigilante stalking and electronic harassment with you professionals, who are most likely to be called upon to deal with our members in crisis situations. Retirees who retired in good standing are welcome.

We will provide professionals with an initial set of questions we would like to ask before you commit to coming on the program. If requested, we can apply voice changing to the interview before posting.

Ordinary citizens who "know something" about vigilante stalking are also invited to appear on Road to Freedom to share what they know anonymously. Vigilante stalkers themselves are also welcome and we will assure anonymity. People in many trades are both recruited as vigilantes, and others may have inside information about these operations.

If citizens voluteering to be interviewed are sure they have enough information to talk for more than half an hour, we can turn over an entire show to that volunteer. We can also invite citizens who "know something" to come on for only a portion of a show on another topic. That is up to the volunteer.

Because the citizen interviews will be very different, we won't be able to supply a list of questions in advance of the show. In effect, the citizen being interviewed will decide what gets talked about. Our purpose is not to confront the guests, rather, it is to begin a dialogue which will both inform the listener and may lead eventually to the perpetrators realizing they have been sold a pack of lies to get them to commit crimes.

We do not have caller ID, and the listeners will be advised to make up their own minds as to whether a given interviewee is providing good information or not. Anonymous interviews will not be recorded with listeners calling in, unless the interviewee requests that.

To hide your identity, sign up for a free or email account. For show details see:

If you are interested, please email me, Eleanor White, at:


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