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MARC EMERY - Escape to Canada

“ESCAPE TO CANADA� highlights the issue of Americans leaving their country to seek freedom in Canada. Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery is currently facing extradition to the US to face a sentence of 10 years to LIFE IMPRISONMENT for selling marijuana seeds to American customers.
MONTREAL - An explosion of press about Americans looking to move to Canada has ignited as hundreds of “reefer refugees�, gay couples and AWOL soldiers have been arriving in cities across Canada. Escape to Canada is a documentary about North America’s new battle for freedom. Canada is increasingly the focal point for personal freedom issues – the war on drugs, the right to gay marriage, even the freedom for women to go topless.

Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery, (dubbed the ‘Prince of Pot’ by CNN in 1997) was arrested on July 29 2005 by US Drug Enforcement Agents and Halifax Police. They claim that the leader of the BC Marijuana Party, and two of his employees, were selling marijuana seeds to Americans by mail-order. Now American authorities want to extradite Emery and his employees to their country. They want the “BC 3� to all stand trial under US law, where they would each face a sentence of 10 years to LIFE IMPRISONMENT for selling cannabis seeds.

Law enforcement and the Canadian justice system have allowed his business Marc Emery Direct Seeds to operate for the past decade without major disruption. He has paid over $500,000 dollars in income tax from these seed sales to the governments of Canada, and British Columbia. Marc Emery will speak about his case today at 4:20 (EST) at the world premiere of Escape to Canada at the Montreal FilmFest at Cinema Quartier Latin Theater, 350 Rue Emery.

For more information on Marc Emery please visit: and

For more information on Escape to Canada (90 Minutes, Fall 2005 Elevator Films: 416-926-8886, Canal D, Documentary Channel, National Film Board, Movie Central) visit:

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Re: MARC EMERY - Escape to Canada

Emery needs to be taken with a grain of salt.


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