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Max Mayfield-Natl Hurricane Center-Lies About Global Warming

During a Congressional Hearing on Predicting Hurricanes, Max Mayfield (hurricane guru) was asked if he believes the increase in number and intensity of hurricanes are due to global warming.
His response should have been "Senator, my field of expertise is not in global warming research so I cannot shed any light on the subject."

His answer (lie) was "No I don't see any connection.......because on the other side of the world we do not see an increase in the number of typhoons or increase in their intensity".

That is a totally bogus answer! Global warming researchers have stated repeatedly that the affects of global warming will not be found universally around the globe. A perfect example are the statistics gathered in the Arctic and Antarctic that show a quite large increase in mean annual temperature, which are much larger than any stats anywhere else on the globe.

Mr. Mayfield should be fired for saying what he did, giving the most environmentally destructive Administration we have ever had a scientifically false reason to put off working to reduce air

Please write an email to our illustrious "hurricane expert" and let him know how you feel:

nhc.public.affairs (at)

The hearing was aired on C-span a few days ago. After much praise for Mr. Mayfield in bringing about a reliable 3-day prediction of the paths of hurricanes, a Republican Senator asked the above question......which in reality was the reason for the hearing. It was blatant right wing propaganda at it's worst.

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