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Katrina vs Rita: The Return

September 22, 2005
Katrina vs Rita: The Return

So we've decided to hole up in Algiers, hoping that Rita will not hit us directly. We do intend to bug out if the storm track changes drastically, but for now it appears the direct hit will still be heading to Texas.
It is possible that the Mississippi will flood the levees in Jefferson Parish, or top the levees here in Orleans Parish to flood the streets. If that happens, historically we should expect about 3 feet of water. Our houses are elevated enough that they should stay dry at 3-4 feet.

FEMA, last I talked to them today, is taking off. The Red Cross left yesterday. The National Guard is pulling out of Algiers to head to Gretna, which worries some of us who aren't quite sure that the NOPD in the area are looking out for us. I'm not an anti-authoritarian-type, really, but these local cops haven't been paid since before Katrina. The Natl. Guard officer I spoke to today said he's a cop in another state and is worried about the behavior of the NOPD. We asked them to stick around and keep an eye on us, but they said we were on our own.

I really think we'll be fine. The Common Ground group is fully of dirty hippies and the like, but the last thing they're trying to do is antagonize the authorities. In fact, FEMA, the Natl. Guard, and the volunteer public service workers from out of state have all been very great to the Common Ground workers, doing a pretty good job appraising us of the overall pictures (or what little bits they know about).

We may try to deploy some of our resources to Texas if we think we can do any good, but right now I've made a commitment to the people of Algiers and New Orleans and I'm going to try to stay here to help them. If the levees break again north of the river (or even south), I'm not sure what sort of response there will be.

Please don't forget us. The devastation in Texas will likely be major, but we need both the support of our friends to continue to work here and the eyes of the rest of the world to keep potential renegade forces in line.

As the hurricane picks up here in NOLA, I will continue to try to provide more updates. We've already got most of the hatches battened down, so there's not much for me to do except watch and wait.

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