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Common Ground: Hurricane Rita Update

Update: 11:00am CST; Thursday September 22.

Emergency Relief Workers attempting to coordinate with Common Ground within the relief area should contact 504-368-6897 or 504-361-9659. We urge non-emergency volunteers to avoid the storm area until at least Monday September 26th. Please monitor this website for more details.

We urgently need trucks, vans, RVs, flat bottom boats, boat motors, life-preservers, foul-weather gear, ponchos, emergency flashing lights, emergency medical teams, first responders, and other emergency relief equipment en-route to this area IMMEDIATELY.

Our relief station will continue to operate in Algiers as long as possible. If you are coming in BEFORE the storm makes landfall on Saturday morning, we will direct you to an alternative safe location.

* Rita is a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 165 mph.
* The forecast track for Rita brings the storm to the Texas/Louisiana border on Saturday morning. Weather conditions are expected to begin deteriorating in Algiers as early as Friday afternoon.The track of the hurricane should be closely monitored by internet, radio and TV for changes in landfall location.
* New Orleans may expect winds approaching hurricane force strength - 74 mph.
* The hurricane may stall over northeast Texas bringing flooding rains to the region.
* All of New Orleans, including Algiers, is under mandatory, but not forced, evacuation.
* We cannot encourage volunteers to come to Algiers until early next week. If you are entering the area and need an alternative convergence location, please call Naomi at 828.230.1404.

Unless we designate otherwise, please keep sending your material donations of tarps, food, water, and relief supplies to:
Common Ground
P.O. Box 3216
Gretna, LA 70054

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