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Student & Worker Coalition for Justice meeting (9/29)

first meeting of the quarter!!! 8pm in Porter C002 (underneath the hungry slug) all are welcome!

Thursday, 9/29 at 8pm
Student & Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ) is a space where students and workers can work together to protect their common interests. We want living wages, dignity on the job, and affordable, quality education. We are the University, we can shut it down.

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bus drivers- strike solidarity

If you're a UCSC student wondering how to support the bus drivers, I'd urge you to join the listserv of the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice
( - and show up at the picket lines listed in an email from the MBCLC:

Come join one of the lines at:

the Metro Center on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. 6am-8:30pm

the Transit Center on Rodriguez St. between Beach and Lake in Watsonville. 5am-8:30pm

the Metro District Operations at 1200 River St. in Santa Cruz. 24 hours a day!

the Metro Administration Building at 370 Encinal Street in Santa Cruz. 6:30am-5:30pm


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