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Curtis Reliford - Louisiana Relief report back (9/29)

Report Back --Press Conference -- Open to the Public -- to hear Curtis Reliford report on the caravan that travelled to Louisiana to deliver goods donated by the community of Santa Cruz.

Welcome those families to Santa Cruz who have relocated because of the hurricane. The local United Nations Association group is organizing a pot luck. More info to follow.

7 pm - Santa Cruz Vets Hall - Thurs. Sept. 29
I am writing to invite you to a Press Conference with Curtis Reliford to be held this coming Thursday, Sept. 29, at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall at 7 pm. Curtis will report on the caravan that travelled from Santa Cruz to Louisiana (to Shreveport, Bogalusa, and New Orleans), in order to deliver the four truckloads of goods donated by the people of Santa Cruz in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Curtis will tell the story of the trip, and answer any of your questions; some of the other volunteers who accompanied him on the trip will be present as well. This will be followed by a welcoming to Santa Cruz of some 30 families who were displaced by the Hurricane and have relocated to Santa Cruz.

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Re: Curtis Reliford - Louisiana Relief report back (9/29)

Have there been irregularities concerning the relief effort that Curtis Relifor initiated? It is interesting that since his 'relief' work, he himself has stopped working and is now living soley on the money that he is collecting for Katrina relief.
I've also heard that he had brought homeless people up from Los Angeles and was trying to pass them off as Katrina victims.
Lastly, before giving your hard earned cash and/or supplies to someone for disaster relief shouldn't you know something about their past? Have they ever committed or been convicted of a crime? Are they financially stable enough not to be tempted into dipping their hands into the relief jar?
In the wake of the Katrina disaster, we all wanted to help as best we could. Lets make sure that our help is actually getting to the people that need it.
While it is important to 'Follow your Heart' it is also important to 'Follow the Money' and make sure it goes to those for which it was intended.


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