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Protest the Governor's Veto of Equal Marriage (AB849) (9/29)

Join us at the Town Clock at 5:30 p.m. (Friday) to protest the Governator's termination of equal marriage rights for members of the glbt community!
This afternoon, September 29, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 849, The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act; he signed AB 1400, The Civil Rights Act of 2005, which expands the Unruh Act; AB 1586, which prohibits insurance companies from discriminating on the basis of gender identity; SB 565, which keeps homes owned by registered domestic partners from being reassessed when one partner inherits the home on the death of the other; and SB 973, which allows domestic partners of public employees insured by PERS who retired before 2005 to receive death benefits on the death of the retiree.

The GLBT Alliance will be meeting at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz at 5:30 tomorrow - Friday - to protest Schwarzenegger's veto and to recommit ourselves to the coming fight. Please bring signs and energy.

For information, email us at info (at) or call (831) 515-4101

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Re: Protest the Governor's Veto of Equal Marriage (AB849) (9/29)

But the governor only said this newly-proposed legislature openly contradicted an earlier voter-supported ballot, and that the direct voice of the people should not be overruled by politicians over a mere contradiction.

Isnt that a good thing?

Legislature should not be writing laws which contradict and criss-cross existing laws, or else no one will know what to do. The only smart thing to do, is to amend or strike down the original law first. The law where the California voting public voted against gay marriage.


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