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Greedom For Leonard Peltier

Fasting In Solidarity
The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee in collaboration with Peoples' Fast for
Justice will be fasting for Leonard's freedom and for an end to the celebration
of Oct 12th as Columbus Day, beginning Oct 1-12. Just as we have established
weekly prayers for Leonard on Mondays at 6 PM, we want to strengthen our
spiritual campaign for justice. When we deprive our bodies of food and water we
do not just carry out an action of solidarity with our warrior deprived of
freedom, but we also elevate our spirits, unify our minds and bodies, and
strengthen our prayers. Please read the enclosed annoucement from Ted Glick
and Esperanza Martell for more information regarding our fast! For additional
information please contact the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee at
info (at) or Peoples Fast for Justice at: futurehopeTG (at)

In Solidarity
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Freedom for Leonard Peltier!
October 12th is Indigenous Peoples Day!

Since 1992 people have been fasting and acting locallyduring the October 1-12
period of time, calling for freedom
for Leonard Peltier and for an end to the celebration of October 12th as
"Columbus Day."

We invite you to join us in fasting for these 12 days,or for whatever time
period you can do, or through your
taking action in other ways during this time.

Leonard Peltier is a political prisoner, as established by
Amnesty International, and has been unjustly incarcerated for nearly 3 decades.
Peltier was convicted of murdering two FBI agents, even though those agents were
leading a military attack against the Oglala people, mostly unarmed women and
children. Leonard and other warriors stood up to defend them. Furthermore, the
prosecution has since admitted in open court (Oct. 15, 1985)that the government
did not have proof of who killed their agents. The courts have also admitted
(10th Circuit Court
of Appeals) that "the prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned; they
withheld evidence and coerced testimony.These facts are undisputed".

Leonard Peltier is an advocate of peaceful resolution of all issues and has been
instrumental in getting people from different tribes with a history of animosity
to come
together in peace. He has piloted the Leonard Peltier Health Care Reform Package
whose intent is to fundamentally alter health care delivery on reservations
throughout the
US. Peltier has established a
scholarship at NYU for Native Students seeking law degrees,has implemented job
creation/job training programs and is the sponsoring father of two children in
Peltier has sponsored clothing, emergency food and toy drives and distributes to
Head Start, halfway houses and women's centers. Peltier serves on the board of
Rosenberg Fund for Children and donates his artwork to
several human rights and social welfare organizations,
including the Leonard Peltier Charitable Foundation. He has
been widely recognized for his efforts and has won several human rights awards,
including the North Star- Frederick Douglas Award; Humanist of the Year Award
and most recently,
is a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We must continue the struggle for Leonard's freedom andfor justice for the
Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

Leonard is a symbol of much that is both terrible and hopeful about our world
today. He is an innocent man
suffering in prison for close to three decades because of willful racism and
unjust oppression. He is a strong man
suffering in prison for his people and for the truth,refusing to give up,
leading by example. As he said in a
letter from prison two years ago, "Although prison life
becomes more and more difficult with age, my spirit remains unbroken, and I
still dream of rejoining my people in
freedom and continuing our work for human right andjustice."

We must honor, respect and support such leaders. By supporting them we remain
true to the best within ourselves.

We urge you to join us.

Ted Glick and Esperanza Martell, for the

People's Fast for Justice, futurehopeTG (at),
P.O. Box 1132, Bloomfield, N.J. 07003, 212-927-9065,





__I will fast with you for 12 days from October 1-12.
__I will fast on the following days:____________________
__I will organize or join local events on Indigenous Peoples
Day weekend. (For information on possible local contacts in
your area contact the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee,
info (at) 915 - 533-6655
__Please put me on your People's Fast for Justice email
__Enclosed is my donation of $_______.

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Re: Freedom For Leonard Peltier

Celebrating Columbus Day only shows how this "culture" honors genocidal egomaniacs. Read "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn, if you can get past the first chapter listing the horrific treatment of the Ararwak natives.

"They only have weapons made of cane and would make fine slaves" said Columbus.


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