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Sign the Petition to denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for inviting the MinuteKKKlan

...and the resignation of Marcela Davison Aviles, the ED of the Plaza!!

Off, on, off on... geez do these people ever make up their minds? the MHP have now re-invited Simcox for November, though apparently not confirmed. Either way, it's time to lay the cards on the table. !Ya basta con sus trucos!

Read more about this ever-changing situation on the website, then sign!
!!Denuncia la supuesta Plaza de la "Herencia Mexicana" por haber invitado a los "cazamigrantes" Minutemen al barrio!! Despues que habían cancelado el foro para el 16 de Sep., ya los quieren traer otra vez en Noviembre!!

Hazlos saber que esto no pueder pasar!! Para mas detalles, visite nuestra pagina y petición en:

(luchando por lo nuestro)

!!486 años de mierda es mas que suficiente -- CORRE LA VOZ!!


Denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for having invited the MinuteKKKLan into the Barrio!!! They're at it again, and are trying to bring Simcox in November.

Let them know this can't be happening! For more detailed information, visit our new website and petition at:

(struggling for what is ours)

!!486 years of bullshit is more than enough -- spread the word!!

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Re: Sign the Petition to denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for inviting the MinuteKKKlan

On September 1, a small group representative of various organizations, including the Barrio Defense Committee, met with Marcela Davison Aviles, executive director of the Mexican Heritage Plaza in East San José to denounce her seemingly covert plan to have Minutemen founder, Chris Simcox, at the Plaza for a panel discussion with Democratic Party chairman Art Torres to be scheduled on September 16th. The objective of the ad-hoc meeting was to voice a series of issues concerning the invitation of a white nationalist into the barrio, having felt conscientiously obliged to do so.

According to Ms. Aviles, the Mexican Heritage Plaza had recently formed a “general partnership? with San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club in an effort to bring a series of speakers to the Plaza entitled “Salón De México.?

Curiously enough, the first speaker to commence this “series? was none other than the terrorist “cazamigrante? himself. The extent of her “outreach? to the community for input consisted of approaching the MHP Board for approval. In fact, there was no substantive campaign in place to adequately inform the community. For a short while, the event was cancelled, though follow-up calls were left unreturned.

In the spirit of capriciousness, she officially responded to our concerns by going before the Mercury News, claiming the group had “bullied? the MHP into canceling the forum by threatening violence. When Telemundo reporter and long-time advocate Celina Rodriguez came to the Plaza to interview Ms. Aviles, rather than grant her a spare moment as she did with the English-language Merc, she chose to hide.

(We are also aware that the Plaza has since announced they would host the forum after all in November, and have invited Simcox – again.)

Being that 16th is Mexican “Independence? Day, Ms. Aviles admittedly employed this date as a marketing strategy to ultimately bring more revenue into the Plaza.

Though September 16th marks a very important day for Mexican@s, the enslaving, genocidal conditions under which many of the indigenous communities suffered prior to the “grito? still remained in effect after the ratification, and remains largely evident today. In fact, it is such a group of honest, hard-working people who still make up the majority of those who cross the so-called border and often find themselves at the mercy of these terrorists. Some can’t even speak Spanish and therefore encounter a world where their voices are seldom heard, if ever. Such a reckless act by Aviles was certain to reinforce those criollo ways.

A solid slap in the face and an act of gross negligence by all angles.

Knowing concretely what can occur in their presence, namely at the so-called border and at protests around Southern Califaztlan, choosing the MinuteKlan to engage in an “immigration? debate nearly created a terrifyingly dangerous situation for OUR community. For some of our gente, this instills the fear that is heavily provoked among the mere presence of them, being fully aware their usual reaction often consists of the involvement of the Border Patrol or ICE. If this forum takes place, many folks will choose to stay home, or out of plain sight for fear of deportation.

With all of her academic background under her belt, Ms. Aviles couldn’t even trouble herself to conduct extensive research on this terrorist militia; much less undertake any initiative to organize an open forum (beforehand) to listen to the concerned voices of our community. Numerous internal attempts to encourage her to coexist with the community throughout her tenure have gone ignored each time.

Adding insult to injury, such gross disrespect for the Mexican@ community has in fact been witnessed before from Ms. Aviles. A conspired incident in mid-2004 ensued at the Plaza when she hastily barged in and shut down a sacred Mexihca mitotiliztli circle (the resident Mexihca calpulli -- under the direction of a tlahtoani who had been there since its inception in '99, and during the groundbreaking ceremony in which a sacred ofrenda had been presented by the tlahtoani and a visiting temachtiani from D.F.), while a couple of guards stood by at each entrance, provoking a dramatic exchange of words among several people. Her enactment of the Spanish-inquisition by several accounts left an impression that day that the “Mexican Heritage? Plaza was anything but. One only need to look at the historic Toxcatl massacre, where Hernan Cortez and his brutal armada in 1520 left a bloody array of tortured and dismembered men, women and children, and then consider under what intentions these stand-by henchmen were positioned at these entrances.

For those of us on a disciplined, spiritual Mexicayotl path, based on the ancient teachings of the Huehuetlahtolli, we are only left to wonder if she would have executed the same divide and conquer tactics had this been a Catholic mass, before the entire parish? Or a Jewish observance before the entire synagogue? Regardless of any reason (including internal squabbles) that may have provoked this incident, there is never any excuse for disrupting a spiritual ceremony, as the breaking of a sacred circle could potentially hurt anyone present, including elders and small children. The fact that it had to go that far is extremely heartbreaking to say the least, and is hardly representative of the medicine path, or Mexihcayotl for that matter. That's why we have elders, huey tlahtokameh, mesas (tradicion), sweatlodges, other medicine ceremonies, and most importantly, the huehuetlahtolli. And that might be why Catholics have priests, bishops, dioceses and the Bible; the jews their rabbis, torah, etc. The fact that Ms. Aviles could not again, with all of her academia, take a moment to call a meeting with those in question at the very least, is clearly indicative of her disregard for our spiritual ways; not to mention her pure unprofessionalism and downright tackiness.

This is what happens when someone of a western, material mindset intervenes in matters she is not familiar with, both her invitation of the MinuteKKKlan and the danza fiasco, and therefore invokes what she believes is in OUR best interest. Now where have we heard that before?

Therefore, we firmly believe that an immense amount of dignity is ultimately owed to our compañer@s who endure endless obstacles to make it here – dead or alive – and therefore we denounce her fly by night attempt to create more havoc by inviting the MinuteKlan into the barrio. Likewise, this ultimately serves as a wake up call to her pattern of gross negligence and arrogant behavior, and we cannot allow her deliberate oblivion and disrespect to those in struggle to continue unaccounted for.


We demand the following:

1. A formal apology to the Mexican@ community before all Spanish-language media on behalf of Ms. Aviles.

2. Both the Mexican Heritage Plaza and the City of San José must cease and desist, once and for all, opening its doors to white nationalists and other such anti-Raza elements.

3. The surrender of Ms. Aviles’s position to someone who can genuinely invoke communal direction and cultural identity, and ardently exemplify such Mexican heritage through knowledge of both ancient traditions and modern societal structure that force our people in struggle to come here every year.

4. The Mexican Heritage Plaza as a whole must redirect its first and foremost priorities to address the needs of Mexican@s. The structure resembles a fortress, is uninviting and events are often overpriced. What poor Chican@ on the East Side is going to afford such a hefty price, so just who is the MHP catering to?

Otherwise, CHANGE THE NAME AND YOUR MISSION STATEMENT!!! Our cultura, history and the lives of those who come here are not for your leisurely exploits to obtain grants, "prestigious" partnerships, and other such resources. We are not some EXPENDABLE COMMODITY for your selfish political gain!

We also address these issues:

Racism –

A recent Save Our State (MinuteKlan and allies alike) protest in Laguna Beach allowed the company of a group of nazis from Stormfront. Boards such as SOS’s and several Minuteman yahoo lists often reveal the hateful nature of their minds, conveying a variety of hate spew, such as “vermin? and “Home Dumpo.?

In response to Simcox event, not only did an SOS member begin a campaign to declare September 16th as “National Minuteman Day,? others have begun to incite the idea of coming to the forum (with or without Simcox).

See what you have caused, Marcela Aviles? Your recklessness exacerbated the situation by going public and insinuating that you were bullied into canceling the forum. As a result, you have made some new gun-toting friends, and produced more hate towards us in the process. And now, these bigots are coming anyway, and not only is their focus on this forum but there is mention of targeting the Quetzalcoatl statue. Are you happy now? Your actions in the past were most certainly anti-Indigena, you probably are.

Free Speech –

Would you invite an aiding and abetting conspirator of the mass killings and torture of your own familia to your own backyard? How about the KKK? Yes, neither would we.

Blanca Alvarado, County Supervisor –

Why hasn’t she spoken up publicly, being that the MHP was the brainchild of Alvarado since the 1980’s? Is this what she meant by the “in the spirit of community??

!candil de la calle, oscuridad de su casa!

Mayor Ron Gonzales, Councilmembers Nora Campos, et al. –

Rather than hiding yourselves behind English-language media in support of the MinuteKlan, have the decency to admit your anti-Mexican@ positions directly to the Mexican people. The cities of Baldwin Park and Calexico seem to have more sense than to turn their backs on us – so why do YOU?

Bruno Figueroa, Mexican consul –

Being that he is an active MHP board member, why is he (or any official from the Mexican consulate for that matter) refusing to address the issue (El Observador, 9/16 issue), directly? If they continue to remain tightlipped, then they don’t have any business here in San José. Their primary obligation is to serve as an immediate support base for our community, not to merely churn profits from the issuance of Matriculas Consulares, and give crappy service because we are poor or "indios patarrajados."

And why was his sponsored “Dia de la Independencia? event at the MHP pushed back one day? To accommodate the nazi, maybe? On a day that should have, by all angles, been appropriately reserved for said event? Otro candilero...

Noel Montoya, President and CEO of Super Mercado Mexico –

A local store chain that caters to the working class Mexican@ community – also serves on this board. The blood and sweat of the backs of our people have made you rich; in response, we promote a boycott your stores for having consented to the MinuteKlan!


If the Plaza wishes to remain true to their moniker – Mexican Heritage – and to its mission, those in power must seriously consider the future of Ms. Aviles’ position as Executive Director, and the dangers that face us should this event take place, for the sake of favorable relations with the Mexican@ community, both here in San José and beyond. In other words, the ball is now in your court -- who are you representing?

How can our brothers and sisters in struggle begin to sense any degree of reparation when the likes of Aviles choose to work with an organization whose ultimate mission is to exterminate our people? 486 years is MORE than enough!


Re: Sign the Petition to denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for inviting the MinuteKKKlan

What is "yours," exactly?..


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