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Nov 3rd Day of Action: Kleenex=Kleercut

A call to action! Stop Kimberly-Clark, the world's largest producer of tissue products, from clear-cutting ancient, boreal forests.
Hi Folks,

As you read this message, Kimberly-Clark is clear-cutting ancient forests to make Kleenex and toilet paper. As the world’s largest manufacturer of tissue products, K-C is in a unique position to damage or destroy entire ecosystems. Only 20% of our ancient forests remain and they are too precious to throw away or flush down the toilet!

Join Greenpeace to take on the tissue tyrants: Greenpeace is working with students on campuses throughout North America to protect these endangered forests and the people and wildlife living in them by mobilizing pressure against Kimberly-Clark.

You can help!

1) Take action today
Send an email to Kimberly Clark CEO Thomas Frank at Read more about the campaign at

2) Host a House Party
Host a Greenpeace House Party on October 27th and join activists around the country. Meet other people who care about our environment and learn how you can help! Greenpeace will provide a video for your party to watch, and will host a conference call. Email usa (at) for more information.

3) November 3rd Day of Action
Mark your calendars! November 3rd is an international day of action to save the Boreal Forest, North America’s largest wilderness tract, the size of 13 Californias! Join campuses and communities around the world to stop K-C from trashing the Boreal. Check out the Kleercut Action Pack at for ideas on what you can do on November 3rd. Download stickers, posters and fliers, and join a local Kleercut Group. Email usa (at) with any questions.

Some businesses make an effort to meet the needs of their customers. Then there's Kimberly-Clark. If they can make a tissue that limits the spread of the flu, certainly they can make a tissue that doesn’t flush away old-growth forests. It's obvious that the 'Kleercut' campaign is being discussed at the highest levels of the Kimberly-Clark corporation. That's a great start, but now it's time to increase the pressure so the company stops discussing and starts acting!

See you in the trenches,

Beka and Lindsey
Greenpeace USA
Forest Campaign

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Hankies are Handy


If you haven't noticed yet, we are at the beginning of cold season. While I was blowing my nose for the 233rd time yesterday, it occurred to me that I don't need to waste any trees for this. I'm doing what my grandparents used to do and using a hanky! They're asborbent, large and, if you wash them, they can be sanitary, too. They can save you money as well. Use your creativity and make your own, like people in the '50's used to do!



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