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Free Skool Teacher Deadline for Winter Quarter

The Free Skool Winter Quarter teacher registration deadline is coming up October 15th. If you wish to teach a class, we'll need some concrete information from you before then. Winter Quarter runs Nov 1 to Jan 31.
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The Free Skool Winter Quarter teacher registration deadline is coming up October 15th. If you wish to teach a class, we'll need some concrete information from you before then. Winter Quarter runs Nov 1 to Jan 31.

Information for Teachers

Free Skool is a completely grassroots effort, a collection of folks who decided to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. It is your opportunity to learn from others and share what you know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world. If you are willing to learn, teach, or help organize Free Skool, then we're already walking on the same path.

We are all students and we are all teachers.

Teaching Free Skool Classes

Want to learn? Want to teach? A gift to our community, a chance for service, but also a gift to ourselves. Share what you know. If you are interested in teaching a class, send us email at info (at), or post your class proposal in the Discussion section of our website at

Teacher Commitment: We are asking for a three month commitment. That way we only have to pester you three times a year (the quarter system, ha!) rather than monthly twelve times a year.

Scheduling: You choose how often in that three months you want to teach your classes. You choose what days fit your schedule. You can check with us about dates and times to avoid conflicts. We're hoping Free Skool will offer at least three classes a week each quarter.

Teaching Space: We encourage teachers to find their own spaces for their classes, but if you need it, we can help you find a location.

Class Info: See form below...

Deadlines: For teachers, the deadline to remember is October 15th. We'll need your class info by that deadline. We will have the calendar published within a few days of that deadline, so if you miss it, you miss it.

Teaching Opportunities

Here is an incomplete list of classes/activities we are interested in having taught. If you have a class idea that helps people get along in this world or the new world we are creating with our hearts and minds, drop it on us.

* Sustainable Gardening/Permaculture - subsistence skills, homesteading, composting, seed saving, greywater systems, making clothes (from scratch), food drying and storage, running a nursery, canning, etc.
* Building - electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, hands-on sustainable alternative architecture, etc.
* Mental and Physical Conditioning - yoga, meditation, self defense/offense (martial arts, weapons use), climbing (rock and tree), general fitness activities (running, etc.), hiking/backpacking, etc.
* Community Building - anti-patriarchy discussion group(s), non-authoritarian child raising, midwifery, effective verbal communication, etc.
* Radio Communication - two way, cell, low-power FM
* Orienteering - using a compass, the sun, or the stars to find your way around in the world
* Mechanical - bike and car building, maintenance, and repair
* Computer Tech Skills - web programming and design, publishing, graphic design, etc.
* Do It Yourself Non-industrial Healing/Medicine - herbology, healthy eating, massage, fertility awareness, etc.
* Sailing and Navigation
* First Aid - basic emergency medical training.
* Language classes - especially Spanish.
* Music - reading music, playing instruments, making instruments, song writing, singing.
* Journalism and Writing - for fun, for sanity, for independent media
* Cooking - with locally grown, gathered, or hunted foods
* Primitive/Wilderness Skills - fire making, tool making, plant and mushroom identification and use, shelter building, tracking, hunting, water purification, etc.

Know somebody who would make an awesome teacher/facilitator for a class? Send them our way.

If you want to help with the organizing parts of this whole grassroots endeavor, talk to us. We have regular organizer meetings.

Class Info

If you are teaching a class this quarter, we'll need solid dates, times, location, and other info at least two weeks before the start of the quarter, that's October 15th. Here is a quickie form:

Teacher Name: _________________________
Contact Info: _________________________
Public Contact: _________________________
Class Name: _________________________
Proposed Dates: _________________________
Proposed Time: _________________________
Proposed Location: _________________________
Description: _________________________
Prerequisites & _________________________
Requirements: _________________________

Information on Free Schooling and Non-Authoritarian Teaching

In the articles section of the website, there are lots of articles on non-authoritarian teaching and the free school approach to learning.

Your Teacher Profile on the Free Skool Website

You are welcome to add (or update) your Teacher Profile on It adds depth and interest to the website and helps students and teachers looking at classes to better understand that we are just a bunch of ordinary autonomous somebodies just like them sharing the skills we have. Go to the website login and click Submit Teacher Bio.

Getting Teacher Updates

You can keep informed about Free Skool teacher and organizing news on the Free Skool Teacher List. Send email to: freeskool-sc-teachers (at)

Or easier yet, go to our teacher page and sign up for the teacher list.

More Teacher Information

There is more information available on the website only to teachers. Get teacher news, teacher packets, media information, student reviews. If you are a new Free Skool teacher or organizer, drop us a line and tell us so we can give you access to important teacher information.

About Free Skool Santa Cruz

Free Skool Santa Cruz is a decentralized network that shares skills, information, and knowledge without the limitations of hierarchy and the sterile institutional environment of formal schooling. Free Skool promotes self-reliance, critical consciousness, and personal development, helping us make living connections between ourselves, our community, and the earth. We aim to give people skills not just to survive within the institutional framework imposed but to thrive without and beyond it.

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