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ShelterFinder volunteers needed

Call for help with Monterey Bay area shelter data needs active contributors to take on a variety of tasks.

1. Data gathering - Shelter data needs updating, verification to keep the shelter data current. Data gatherers use search engines and other links to compile/update the data, but novel ideas on how to improve our data gathering would be great

2. Shelter Coordinators - We need people who can serve as liasons with shelters and relief organizations to establish direct communication so that we can share data and work cooperatively.

3. We need help with public relations and outreach to improve our visibility and communication

4. We need more technical people, especially php/msql coders to help Anand, who has supported and maintained most of the code to date,

5. There are a variety of other possibilities and untapped development options for those interested in contributing

Please look around the site and join one or both mailing lists indicated in the Shelterfinder Wiki Pages, . Drop a line to introduce yourself, get a login to edit the dbase if thats one of the tasks you are planning to contribute to, and share your ideas/feedback about the project

Looking forward to your contribution!

Shelterfinder Team

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