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SC Metro Strikers Meet Anti-Strikers

On Thursday afternoon, the perimeter of the SC Metro
station teemed with protestors, and protestors protesting those protestors.
rally1.mp3 (716 k)
While Metro bus drivers and solidarity groups shout "the people united can never be divided!", the anti-strikers shout back "back to work!".
riders22.mp3 (880 k)
"drivers have rights, keep up the fight!"
riders21.mp3 (270 k)
"riders have rights, keep up the fight!"
rally11.mp3 (1709 k)
"move Republicans, get out the way!" vs. "move Commie, get a job!"
rally.mp3 (1953 k)
UTU Local 23 supporter pleads to Metro bus driver.
UCSC College Republicans descended from "the hill" to be physically outnumbered and verbally outmatched
as they stubbornly held their ground Thursday afternoon at the Santa Cruz Metro station. 2 UCSC
student groups in solidarity with UTU Local 23 added numbers to the protest and literally surrounded the pack of "anti-strikers". Then the yelling matches ensued. The soundbytes tell the story.

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Re: SC Metro Strikers Meet Anti-Strikers

I am a seasoned Transit Driver and chanted with you that Thursday. The passion that you brought to us when we needed it was a glimpse of the incredible hope there is in the future of our world.
Viva la huelga! I comend you. In solidarity, M


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