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Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

The Billboard Liberation Front struck a prominent Highway 17 billboard today, correcting a Red Cross advertisement to reflect what became painfully apparent in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
Santa Cruz, CA, October 7th, 2005: A Red Cross advertisement on Santa Cruz County's only remaining billboard, the "whale billboard" along Highway 17, was modified today by the Billboard Liberation Front who struck in the name of truth-in-advertising.

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Where before the billboard exhorted people to give to the Red Cross, the added text reads "'cuz the government ain't doing squat."

This became painfully clear in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was revealed that not only had the Bush administration pulled funding for levy repair in New Orleans to fund the war in Iraq, but left National Guard troops unavailable in the wake of the disaster. The largely poor and black sections of the city were left without food, water, or relief. Critics of the government’s response to the disaster, pointed out that government response to the disaster was inadequate at best, and In many cases made a bad situation worse.

The Red Cross itself, while taking in record contributions in the wake of the disaster, is a first-responder, providing only immediate aid to those in need. In refusing to shade aid with local community groups, the Red Cross does little to help rebuilt shattered communities.

The modified billboard stands prominently along southbound Highway 17 just before Scotts Valley. It is known to some commuters as the "whale billboard," because of the ubiquitous and smiling Blobby the Whale mascot advertising a local car dealership. This month, the billboard features not Blobby, but a Red Cross advertisement urging people to give to the Red Cross.

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Here is a larger high-quality photo.

the truth hurts...

but damn its funny! nice work, mates.

a tighter crop

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Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

Nice one!

Very Santa Cruz

Up less than 24 hours in tidy whitey santa cruz county. Now just the outline of the paste-up can be seen upon closer inspection. God knows you can't have messy dissent in this neat little town. Grrr.

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

the red cross should be the red double-cross, they have a very dismal record.

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

They deliver goodie bags to torturers in abu gharib and then apoligize for inturupting the good work of americas fine men and women rapists and mass murders. are people really stupid enough to give them one red cent?

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

What did you punks do to actually help the hurricane victims besides vandalism?

Helpfull punks

Actually a shit load of the punks I know fucking went down there to hand food to victims, to help rebuild community, and help set up infrastructure to help disaster victims help themselves. So there.

Punks Helping People

Folks helping folks outside the institutions of government and the red cross
In fact, here's just one fella who felt moved to go and help however he could, since clearly we can neither rely on governments or NGOs to help us. (You can even read about his interactions with the Red Cross.)

And if you care to, here is some info for colunteers from the Common Ground Relief Center:

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

" shit load of the punks I know"
Ah yes, the whole "I know someone who did something defense." Look kids, messing with a poster makes you only part of the problem. Do something good for people for a change, how about that?

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

and the nay-sayers? what has the people accusing the BLF of doing nothing done? well, hmm. right now they are defending an illigetimate government that stood aside and watched people die at the mercy of the market and storm...

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

two things... first of all the red cross has done shit to help in New Orleans and Mississippi, their operations in the shelters throughout the south are a bureaucratic nightmare, and to Oscar G. - you're an asshole. I spent three weeks in Mississippi and New Orleans with a bunch of punks who dropped everything to bring aid to people who've been ignored by the red cross and fema, and I'm still sick from exposure to toxins in the environment there. if you're so concerned about doing something positive get off your high horse and fuckin do it.

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

Hey Oscar and Anonymous, Operation Yellow Elephant is in desparate need of your service!

To Matewan, other unprotected volunteers

If you are still suffering from exposure to toxins, here are some things to try. Pardon me if you've already tried them.

For most toxins, including radiation, try taking kelp. I use it in granulated form and stuff it in veggie capsules to try to avoid the sea taste. Take plenty, like five tsp. a day if it doesn't bother you. Buy it in bulk -- it's cheap.

Keep the liquids flowing and take a steady supply of Vit. C. around the clock. You could do this by nibbling on citrus (grapefruit ) or chard all day, or you can take small amounts of powdered Vit. C in water. You can usually take a couple of grams a day without getting the runs.

There are a ton of natural antioxidants found in fruits and veg. If they are not doing enough though, you might want to take a commerical "antioxidant" vitamin from a healthy food store. Also if you have symptoms of liver damage, consider taking Milk Thistle Seed.

Your best bet is a vegetarian diet with plenty of fresh foods and protein but not too high in fat. Toxins get stored in fat and you don't want that. Maintain your weight and don't overeat.

Re: Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

"if you're so concerned about doing something positive get off your high horse and fuckin do it."
I am rather happy with the homes I am building to help those who have lost theirs in the storm, thank you very much.

And to say the Red Cross has done nothing is a joke. I was just down south, and even with the problems they have, it is far far better than having nothing at all.


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