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Rockin' the Boat: Metro Strike Heats Up

A summarry of strike related activities and events Thursday, Oct 6, at the Metro station in downtown Santa Cruz.
RTB_strike_update.mp3 (8192 k)
This piece produced for Rockin' the Boat which airs 3-5 pm ea. Friday of Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM and onlilne at

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"I'm about hating on workers"

i like how the College Republican guy says, "I'm about hating on workers." They did not know what they were talking about. This audio shows how the College Republicans had their information wrong.

thanks for rockin' the boat

Re: Rockin' the Boat: Metro Strike Heats Up

The opening statement in the file was completley false and was created by cutting and editing. The clip serves only as a tool to slander a reputation and proves how low Vinny Lombardo is willing to go to make up a story.


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