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Oct. 7 Photos: UTU Solidarity Rally - Metro Center (Part 3 of 5)

Part 3 of 5 - UTU Solidarity Rally - Metro Center.

Friday, Oct. 7, 2005 - Continuing the hard-fought struggle to support local bus drivers on strike, hundreds of students and workers from UC Santa Cruz, as well as many community members, held a brief rally at the base of the UCSC campus before embarking upon a highly visible and chant-filled march to the downtown Metro Center.

Once at the Metro Center, a rally and speak-out was held to discuss the bus drivers' struggle and the great deal of solidarity between various sectors of the community. After many complaints of the Santa Cruz Sentinel's poor coverage of the strike, the community marched over to the Sentinel's offices to greet the origins of their frusteration.

Friday's action, organized by the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ), has been the strongest show of support in the almost two week-old strike. Early last week, students and workers descended on Mike Rotkin's office, leading to his denouncement of the Transit Board's decision that led to the strike. A few days later, a College Republican attempt at an anti-worker rally sank amidst overwhelming UTU solidarity.

Rotkin has called for an emergency Transit Board meeting Tuesday.
This UTU car was one of the first to arrive at the Metro Center solidarity rally. This car, along with a group of motorcyclists, had been following the march to ensure the safety of the participants.
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As the march arrived at the Metro Center, students and workers started packing in close together to hear the speakers.
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A speaker from the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice addresses the crowd.
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A bus driver holds a sign while listening to the speakers. The sign reads 'Students + Drivers Unite for Better Transit'
As the rally continues, more families with children join the large group of listeners.
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The crowd continues to grow as folks downtown start realizing what the rally is about.
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A former Transit Board member speaks about how you don't have to have any experience to be on the board. He suggests that the Board chair should be fired.
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The sign 'No Transit is an Emergency' is in reference to the assumed lazyness of the Transit Board members who did not immediately organize an emergency meeting in response to the strike. Meanwhile, thousands of residents all over Santa Cruz County remain stranded.
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A group of UTU bus drivers.
Thank you to the organizers and participants of this action. For additional photos and/or to re-print please contact sugarloaf (at) for more information.

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