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Rob Los Ricos: Why November 11?

"I want November 11 to be a day when
everyone-and anarchists in particular-examines
the conditions of their lives and how they compare
to the wealthiest 5% of the population."
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Jeff and Rob


Let's reclaim Nov 11 as a day of anarchist action.
Communiqué from Rob "los Ricos" Thaxton
Mill Creek Correctional Facility
4005 Aumsville Hwy
Salem, Oregon 97301
September 29, 2005

November 11 is a national holiday—a day to remember the many American lives lost fighting this country's wars. Why November 11? To bury this country's radical past.

On November 11, 1887, four anarchist labor organizers, agitators and propagandists were hung in Chicago. Their crime? They suggested workers be allowed an 8 hour workday.

Long before their trial, mainstream newspapers were demanding blood. They wanted the government to kill all union members along with their families. And, if the government refused to do so, it was up to "decent, Christian citizens" to carry out what they considered to be a sacred mission to protect the profits of American corporations.

After one of the most fraudulent trials ever recorded in history, eight anarchists were sentenced to death. Protests in solidarity with the condemned men were massive and worldwide. When the first 4 were executed, international outrage and the fury of the U.S. workforce compelled the government to pardon three of the remaining prisoners. Another took his own life rather than allow the government to make that decision for him.

After the executions, international protests gave way to a wave of assassinations, bombings, kidnappings and general lawlessness so severe that several countries were on the verge of disintegration. This was the era of the Class War; a very real, bloody armed conflict.

The state responded by undertaking a policy of appeasement. Governments forced the capitalists and their corporations to grant workers a few menial reforms—such as the 8 hour work day.

Now, all that was gained by blood during the Class War is being lost. The state is owned completely by the capitalists and corporations.

I want November 11 to be a day when everyone—and anarchists in particular—examine the conditions of their lives and how they compare to those of the wealthiest 5% of the population. I want us to remember where those people's wealth came from and realize that our lives have been impoverished by the gross concentration of wealth and power into a few hands, and, I hope that every year we will rededicate ourselves to breaking the death grip that the state and capital have on our precious planet.

Remember that the liberal society created by the bloodshed of the Class War has been obliterated by international trade organizations, corporate power and government collusion with international banking interests.

I also ask you to come to grips with the idea that we—everyone not among the wealthiest 5% of the world's population—we are all Iraqis now.

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Re: Rob Los Ricos: Why November 11?

NOVEMBER 11-13, 2005

Rob los Ricos, aka Rob Thaxton, is a Tejano Chicano anarchist political prisoner currently serving most 88 months (over 7 years) for throwing a rock at a cop during the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the Streets celebration turned police riot in Eugene.

Rob is due to be released late June 2006. We're asking people across the country and the world to make the weekend of November 11-13, 2005 a day to support Rob, to celebrate, and to raise needed support money for Rob.

November 11th is the anniversary of the day four anarchists were hung in Chicago in 1887, despite their obvious innocence and international outcry for their release. This holiday is generally commemorated on May 1st all around the world. Rob wants to reclaim this as an anarchist festival day. And we're asking you to help make it happen!

Plan an event for Rob, to let him know he's not forgotten, and to help raise needed funds for when he is released from prison. Not just punk shows, but think creatively! Poetry readings, dance parties, karaoke night, quiz night, keggers, dinner parties, rummage sales, let your mind go free! Rob is a whimsical guy, and we're asking folks to do something political and revolutionary for cripe's sake fun!

So, to recap, ways you can help:
1. Plan a kick ass event Nov. 11-13, or get tapped into the planning already happening in your area (check out for more information, or email roblosricos (at) PLEASE CONTACT US AND LET US KNOW IF YOU’RE PLANNING SOMETHING! We want to create a list and keep track of everything, and advertise it, so definitely let us know!

2. Send Rob a donation now (anything is better than nothing)

3. Read Rob's writings (His pamphlet Manufacturing Dissent is available on his website)

4. Spread the word

Rob has spent over 6 years in prison, and he's coming back to no resources. When you're paroled in Oregon, they open up the gates and let you out with nothing, not even clothes to change out of your prison garb into. We need your help to let Rob know he is not forgotten, that the principles he has struggled for for 30 years and that he will have spent over 7 years in prison for are still alive.

Donations to Rob should be sent to:
Rob los Ricos
PO Box 83904
Portland OR 97283-0904

Checks and money orders can be made out to “Rob los Ricos? or “Robert Thaxton.?
You can also make a paypal donation at The email address to use is roblosricos (at)

You can write to Rob at:
Rob Thaxton
4005 Aumsville Hwy.
Salem, OR 97301
All mail sent to Rob must have a return address, including a full name of some sort.

Re: Rob Los Ricos: Why November 11?

partially coinciding with the Nov 11-13 call for action, Colin Powell will be speaking at De Anza College in Cupertino (just north of San Jose on Stevens Creek Blvd.) three evenings in a row.

Students for Justice at De Anza has organized and is supporting other events on campus during this time:

Nov 9 - Encuentro/Open Forum 4pm Sunken Garden
Rally/Welcoming committee 7pm

Nov 10 - War Crimes Tribunal 1:30pm Conference Rm A&B

Nov 11 - do that thing that you all do. rally at 7 for anyone who didn't get enough on the first evening.


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