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Zionist Black Propagandist exposed

IndyMedia subject of Zionist Black Propaganda campaign.
As you are aware, IndyMedia is subject to a vicious Zionist Black Propaganda campaign. As a result, I committed my energy and resources to unmask the individual or group behind these relentless attacks.

The above mentioned Black Propaganda operation is based in Hiafa, Israel. Moreover, the Black Propaganda campaign is the work of an inveterate liar and con-artist named Steven Plaut. Mr. Plaut, I was shocked to discover, is a tenured professor of Economics at Israel's Haifa University. In addition, "professor" Plaut has well documented connections to the ultra-right-wing--and ultra-violent, I might add--Kahanist fringe movement.

Readers who require a working definition on propaganda and its sources and objectives, please have a look at the following definition provided by Wikipedia.

A recent photo of Haifa University's "professor" Steven Plaut.

How to contact Haifa University's administrative staff

I have a suspicion the administrative staff of Israel's Haifa University are unaware of "professor" Plaut's unethical Zionist Black Propaganda campaign. It is a virtual certainty that the administrative staff of Haifa University would censure or perhaps punish a professor involved in such an unethical campaign. As a result, I think it's appropriate that IndyMedia readers contact Haifa University's administrative staff and inform them of "professor" Plaut's extra-curricular activities. E-mail your complaint's to "professor" Plaut at Or, if you prefer, give him a call at 972-4-8240110 FAX: 972-4-8249194. Snail mail: Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel 31905.

Please contact Haifa University's administrative office at 942-4-6240111.

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