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Common Ground audio history by Malik Rahim and Scott Crow

this is a really excellent talk given by the founders of common ground in new orleans...

The project here is truly showing the potential of a grassroots collective to effect major change and there is real hope that this and other progressive projects can be a powerful force in NO against gentrification and for positive changes on so many fronts.
Malik Rahim and Scott Crow Speak on Common Ground's History and their Vision for its Future

Two days ago, two of the founders of Common Ground (Malik Rahim and Scott Crow) spoke about their experience in the immediate wake of hurricane katrina, the formation of common ground and their visions/aspirations for Common Ground's future. It's divided into three parts, and you can listen to an audio recording of it by clicking the links below:

1. Scott Crow speaks on his experience following Katrina

2. Malik Rahim speaks on his experience following Katrina and the formation of Common Ground

3. Scott goes over their initial visions for Common Ground and opens up a preliminary discussion on the collective's potential future.

Phone: (504) 368-6897
Email: commongroundrelief (at)

331 Atlantic Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70114
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Mailing Address:

Common Ground
P.O. Box 3216
Gretna, LA 70054
(504) 368-6897

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