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Banning ASPARTAME In New Mexico Advances From Food Products to Children's Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins

ASPARTAME, the artificial sweetener which is found in 6000 products in the USA, including diet drinks, chewing gum, coffee sweeteners, low fat yogurt, and childrens' vitamins and drugs, even though it turns to formaldehyde, is in a heap of trouble in New Mexico with effort to ban it in toto.
I am the petitioner who has asked the NM Environmental Improvement Board to have a hearing to consider banning the sale of aspartame-containing products through out New Mexico, next July 2006. Consumer protection and the
health of all New Mexicans won this round, when the Board voted to convene the five-days of hearings in July.

After Governor Bill Richardson commented last week that he supports the EIB's decision, I asked both him and Attorney General Patricia Madrid,
perhaps together, to issue a kind of Executive Order, to remove the products containing Aspartame in the New Mexico schools, far in advance of the EIB hearings, based on the mountain of prima facie medical evidence to warrant getting it out of children's consumption, in toto. Neither has yet replied. [One or both could also ask for an injunction to do this].

One editorial writer at the Albuquerque Journal recently questioned the legislative intent behind the Environment Improvement Board's decision;
they could more carefully examine the statute which created the EIB in 1978 before denouncing such a hearing as "ludicrous."

Some New Mexicans have been diagnosed with neurodegenerative afflictions which disappeared when they stopped consuming aspartame. These victims don't think EIB hearings on aspartame are a "waste of taxpayer money." Indeed, there are thousands of such New Mexicans, perhaps even more, since 70% of adults and 40% of children are consuming aspartame daily!

I believe aspartame to be one of the major causes of increases in tumors of the brain and of the pituitary, as well as the sharp increase in
Multiple Sclerosis in the USA, due to its metabolized byproduct, formaldehyde.

The Journal's editorial asking for the EIB to "quickly reverse" its decision is not going to sweep our urgent medical concerns under the rug. If the product is so safe, why should Ajinomoto, the world's largest manufacturer of aspartame and monosodium glutamate, be so intent on quashing the hearings? I doubt the NM Supreme Court would even consider such a writ, if these Aspartame corporate attorneys were to ask any judge to deny an EIB hearing before it is even held. They have
billions of dollars at stake, both in profits and in potential punitive and exemplary damages.

On November 14-15, I and several physicians, led by Dr. Ken Stoller M.D., Pediatrician, Founder of the New Mexico Hyperbaric Chamber, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, will present a similar petition to the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, to request a ruling to prohibit two neurotoxic additions to pharmaceutical preparations consumed by in New Mexico:

1. Aspartame in hundreds of children'smedications as well as children's vitamins

2. Thimerosol, the mercury preservative found in vaccinations. Mercury's neurotoxic properties are very well known.

New Mexico statutes delineate precise powers to the Pharmacy Board to promulgate rules in this realm of poisonous and deleterious additives to
pharmaceutical preparations, in NMSA 26-1-3 and NMSA 26-1-9, even when there is prior FDA approval thereof.

In California, the move to require a warning label on French Fries because of carcinogenic acrylamide (resulting from high temperatures on
starch) is a brilliant effort by Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Chief Deputy Attorney General Ed Weil, which I strongly commend to Madrid and
Bluestone as exemplary.

We are not asking for more labels on aspartame; the grim medical realities of this formaldehyde cocktail warrant that it be taken off the
market entirely.
In this era of disastrous medical results and lethal blunders from the growing corporate control of the FDA, states must take very strong steps to protect the health of their citizens.

Stephen Fox
Santa Fe, New Mexico

(505) 983-2002
stephen (at)

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