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Massage-A-Thon Benefit - Oct. 16th

Get a wonderful message and contribute to a great cause.
The 10th annual massage-a-thon will be happening again on Sunday, October 16th at the Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz. All money raised during the massage-a-thon goes to scholarships for rural Guatemalan girls aged 6 to16 to let them continue their education. This is an opportunity to give yourself a deserved massage and help support girls' development in Guatemala. The rate for a one hour massage is $50. Swedish massage and Shiatsu practitioners will be available throughout the day from 10 am to 6 pm. Please come support this fundraiser and tell your friends about it.

The massage-a-thon takes place on Sunday October 16th at the Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts located at 1210 Brommer Street between 7th and 17th Avenues in Santa Cruz. Scheduling in advance is recommended. To reserve a space, call Greg at 477-0537 or Lynn at 423-1369. This fundraiser is sponsored by the Santa Cruz Guatemala Committee.

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