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Plea for Guatemala

We've heard how Hurricane Stan has ripped through Central America and Mexico. Here is one way you can help prevent death for the most vulnerable victims.


Give through our donation page (CLICK HERE) or donate at St. Mark's on Sunday 10/16 at 3pm Dr. Alfredo Garcia has written to us from Panabaj, a mud-buried village in the Guatemalan highlands, urging us to wire cash for water, vaccines and food. Supplies are arriving from Guatemala City via temporary bridges but funds are needed to bring in necessities. The children are suffering from rotoviral infections which cause extreme diarrhea and dehydration. We will immediately wire all monies received to the bank account of Asociación Civil Manos Campesinas, in Quetzaltenango. You can reach our 'JustGive' donation page by CLICKING HERE or any time through the button on REVBILLY.COM. You can donate in person with cash at our service on Sunday October 16th 3 PM St. Mark's, 10th and 2nd Avenue in the East Village. We will pass the plate while Maria Torres, whose family is in Guatemala (but safe), speaks. We will all do what we can. Questions about donating or attending the show? Please call 917-825-3562 or email

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We fielded some questions about the donation link in our last email. It appeared
incorrectly on some people's browsers. So here it is again!

and here's a re-direct in case the above got cut off: (thanks Todd!)

If somehow those links don't work, you can donate at our show on Sunday 10/16 at 3pm
(St. Mark's Church in The Bowery, 2nd Ave and 10th Street), or go to REVBILLY.COM
and click the link at the top right.

We're wiring donations directly to Guatemala to people on the ground who know how to
get the food and medicines needed in these villages.



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