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MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) Show this Sunday!

ALL AGES show!!!!
The bands on the bill are:
Millons of Dead Cops (MDC)
Instant Asshole
Blown to Bits
30 Years War
Good Neighbor Policy
Come support these bands, some are from out of town (MDC) and some are local (Good Neighbor Policy).

October, 16 2005 at Millions of Dead Cops @ the 7th Ave. Vet's Hall
7th Ave. (Right by the corner of 7th and Rodrguez), Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Cost: $10

It was originally booked at 418 Front, but plans have been changed. So, if you were planning on going and didn't know that the location was changed, now you do!

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Re: MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) Show this Sunday!

Full Bar with ID.


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