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A Weekend of Networking at the LPFM Radio Roundup in Davis, California

On October 8th and 9th, KDRT hosted the Low Power FM Radio Roundup in Davis, California, an event which brought together volunteers from both long established and emerging community stations around California and Oregon.

The conference provided a space for volunteers from all these stations to network and share skills and experiences. The event included trainings in radio journalism, internet streaming, radio theater, and covered a variety of station management and legal issues.

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The Roundup
On October 9, I spoke with Lois Richter, a DJ on KDRT in Davis, California and a volunteer organizer of the LPFM Radio Roundup held in Davis on the weekend of October 9 - 10, 2005.

audio: MP3 at 3.3 mebibytes (7:09 minutes)

Lois volunteers on two KDRT radio shows, one on gardening and her own show called "That's Life" where she talks to ordinary people and explores their interests. Lois also hosts a show on Davis Community TV called "Thoughfulness."
Gerald Smith from Berkeley Liberation Radio
from KBOO in Portland, Oregon
Bill Balsley, General Manager at KVLP in Visalia, California
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The Herd
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a DJ at KDVS
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One More Reason to Smile!
Captin Kirk Beamed into KDVS Studios
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Zach is being interviewed by Lois

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