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UC Santa Cruz Students to March Against Discriminatory Military Recruitment


UC Santa Cruz Students to March Against Discriminatory Military Recruitment
Military to try to recruit for the first time since being kicked off campus by 300+ students

On Tuesday, October 18, 2005, hundreds of students are expected to gather in a nonviolent march and rally against the presence of military recruiters on the UC Santa Cruz campus. The event, organized by Students Against War (SAW), continues the tradition of strong opposition to military recruitment at the campus.

Tuesday marks the first attempt by the military to recruit at UCSC since being kicked off campus by over three hundred students last April as part of a growing national counter-recruitment movement.

Of students’ most vocal concerns is that military recruiters act in violation of the campus’ nondiscrimination policy, which states that any institution that discriminates against race, class, gender, age, or sexual orientation, etc., is not welcome on campus. With the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? policy banning queers and the military’s official refusal to allow women to serve front-line positions, recruiters act in defiance of this campus-wide policy.

When asked about recruiters coming back again, 2nd yr. student Pat M. claimed, “it is incredibly intolerable that this university defends an institution that is hateful and violent. Since the university will not uphold the safety of its community, it's time that we do.?

Tuesday’s rally and march will be demanding, amongst other things, that:

• UCSC join dozens of prestigious law schools nation-wide in the Supreme Court case FAIR v Rumsfeld to oppose the Solomon Amendment, which forces colleges to allow military recruiters, even though it violates their own nondiscrimination policies.

• UCSC Chancellor Denice D. Denton make a public statement denouncing military recruitment as a violation of campus non-discrimination policies, affirming the campus’ will to ban recruiters, once legally able to do so.

Interviews and photos available upon request.

For more information, email saw_action (at)

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