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Cruzin’ Cuba Film Series Presents – Hacerse El Sueco - or Playing the Swede (10/20)

When: 7PM on Thursday, October 20
Where: Live Oak Grange - 1900 17th Avenue
Donation at the door: $5.
For More Information: 465 8272 or respond to this email
The Film -
Masquerading as a Swedish literature professor in Cuba, a thief plots a spectacular jewel heist. He ends up with more than he bargained for when he falls for the daughter of a retired police officer and is practically adopted by her family. Immersed in the colorful sights and sounds of Havana, the seemingly innocent tourist must "play the Swede". After swiping the treasure, he hurries to the airport to catch a flight out of the country with the former police officer hot on his trail. It's decision time. Which jewel should he choose: the one he's stolen or the one who's stolen his heart?

While the film seems to be a straightforward comedy about the enigmatic thief, at the heart of the film is the father - the policeman who fought with Fidel in the revolution. Through the policeman, the director presents a compassionate portrait of an aging generation of Cubans stuck in a world of nostalgia and obsolete rules.

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