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UCSC shuts down recruiters

On October 18th, UCSC Students shut down the recruiters attempts to bring the machine of war ontot their campus. With a kiss-in coordinated on the inside, and a march and rally which went from the baytree to the career fair, any attempt at recruiting was effectively made impotent. We won't stop until the Military stops coming.
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Pre-March Rally
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Rally in front of Career Fair
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Another photo of the rally.
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Bad Cop, No Donut.
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Sound system courtesy of the Bay Area Anarchist Council.

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Re: UCSC shuts down recruiters

I go to the University of Nevada Reno and our Queer Student Union is co-sponsoring a career fair protest. I am amazed at how many people participated in your protest! I wish I went to that school! Our campus is sickeningly conservative so I don't think a kiss-in would go over very well/safely, but I think you guys did an AWESOME job. Very inspiring...thank you.

Re: UCSC shuts down recruiters

heya Caley,

one of the things that helped the kissers on the inside of the job fair was that there were student 'hate crime monitors' and faculty overseeing the whole affair to ensure that all students were safe.

we look forward to hearing more about your protest - make sure to post it on indymedia!

Re: UCSC shuts down recruiters

right on students....keep the military out of S.C and stop this stupid war and true evilness in this country which is the RIGHT WINGERS.

Re: UCSC shuts down recruiters

Keep the military out of Santa Cruz? You've got two Army National Guard units there, haha, are you gonna kick them out, yeah right!


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