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S.tudent A.ction for V.eterans E.quity press release

OCTOBER 20, 2005

S.tudent A.ction for V.eterans E.quity
National Day of Awareness
CandleLight Vigil

Please join us in remembering, honoring, and fighting for JUSTICE for Filipino WWII Veterans.
FULL EQUITY NOW! PASS H.R. 302 & S. 146!


Sacramento State University
in front of Library, behind the Student Union
6000 J Street, Sacramento

San Jose State University
4:30pm - 6pm
Student Union Ampitheatre
One Washington Square, San Jose
hosted by Akbayan

San Francisco State University
4pm - 5:30pm
in front of the Filipino Community Mural to
proceed to the corner of 19th & Holloway
1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco
hosted by LFS & PACE

UC Davis
12pm - 1pm
Memorial Union Patio in the quad
One Shields Avenue, Davis

UC Santa Cruz
Baytree Bookstore Plaza
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz
hosted by FSA

University of Hawaii at Manoa
4:30pm Workshop, 6pm Vigil
Campus Center Courtyard
2500 Campus Rd., Honolulu
hosted by Anakbayan

George Washington University
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Kogan Plaza
H Street (between 21st & 22nd)
Washington D.C.
hosted by FIND

Pilipino Youth Coalition (PYC)
Bayanihan Center (inside the Seafood City)
3495 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo

Paint the Nation Brown! Students/Youth Unite to Demand US Government to Correct the Injustice Done to

Filipino WWII Veterans

San Francisco, Bay Area – October 11, 2005 – Filipino youth and students continue to re-learn and re-tell the history of their elders.

On October 20, 2005, the Pilipino Youth Coalition (PYC) in Vallejo along with the Student Action for Veterans Equity (SAVE) – which will include Sacramento State University, UC Davis, San Francisco State University, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, Arizona State University, George Washington University in Washington D.C., University of Washington in Seattle, and University of Hawaii at Manoa – will be holding a nationwide Candlelight Vigil to commemorate the lives of the veterans who have passed away and to also celebrate the lives of the veterans who are still here in the US and in the Philippines. The vigil is part of an ongoing campaign to “paint the nation brown?, stressing the awareness of the Brown Ribbon Campaign; an education and action campaign dedicated to the fight for Full Equity only and nothing less, through the passages of H.R. 302 and S. 146. Legislative visits to local offices are also scheduled to take place throughout the day.

On July 26, 2005 as part of a Week of Action, SAVE held a vigil in front of the War Memorial in San Francisco to commemorate the Filipino soldiers’ induction into the United State Armed Forces of the Far East which took place on July 26, 1941. October 20th’s vigil will focus to urge local and federal government that the community will stop at nothing and continue to fight and lobby for H.R. 302 and S. 146 until our veterans receive what they rightfully deserve. PYC coordinator, Mike Yra, expresses “this is an opportunity to shed a large amount of light on the issue and let it be known as something that must be given serious attention. Veterans who sacrificed their lives and families have gotten nothing for about 60 years. That statement alone is very important in itself, but unfortunately it’s the one that is most overlooked?.

Many people do not realize that this is a fight that has been going on for more than a decade. With all the bills that have come in and have been passed by Congress, the U.S. government still refuses to acknowledge the services of the Filipino veterans during WWII, a war that President Roosevelt promised benefits & U.S. veteran status to the Filipino soldiers for fighting under the U.S. flag. With less than 30,000 surviving Filipino WWII veterans remaining, all of whom are in their late 70’s and 80’s (some even in their 90’s) how long will it take to finally correct this injustice? And how long will it take for the government to finally be accountable to a promise that has continually remained broken for over 60 years?

Thea de Borja, student at Sacramento State University, whose two grandfathers were WWII veterans, shares the significance for youth to work on this issue, “the veterans are an important part of our histories and identities. Listening to these men and women share their stories and experiences is very humbling. It makes you realize what’s really important in life. It has certainly made me appreciate my heritage, my community, and my family even more?.

We urge the community to join us on October 20th at one of the vigil sites at UC Davis, Sacramento State University, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, PYC-Vallejo, as well as events at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Washington in Seattle and George Washington University in Washington D.C. More sites are scheduled to be added or changed. The times of the events will vary depending on each site. For more information regarding the vigil or how to get involved please contact Erin Dawn Garcia Pasaporte at 415.255.2347.


FULL EQUITY NOW for Filipino World War II Veterans!!

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