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Jeff 'Free' Luers: "Best Activist" in Eugene Weekly's Best of 2005 Contest

Thanks to many of you voting no doubt as well as a growing amount of support in Oregon, Jeff 'Free' Luers won the category of "Best Activist" in the Eugene Weekly's Best of 2005 issue last week.
He beat out a prominent local activist and the newly elected mayor [mayor as activist? weird]. Thanks to everyone that voted for Jeff and the obvious question of course is, how can the best activist in Oregon be serving his 5th year of a 22 year, 8 month sentence? A good question to demand an answer from those in power. You can get addresses for the Governor of Oregon and local media at
Please cc us any letters to the editor you write.
2nd: Peg Morton
3rd: Kitty Piercy
Jeffrey Luers got 22 years for torching three SUVs and has become an international icon for repression of dissent.

Also, we hear rumours that there may be a DVD version of "22/8: The Jeffrey Luers Story" available soon. We will let you know when they are available as soon as we know. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for this DVD, please email us at freefreenow (at)
Of course, if you're old school like us and can't wait for the DVD to be released, send a $15 check and receive a VHS copy of the tape. We have lots of these so if you can, buy one for your local library, collective house or shared video collection. If you know of anyone that has space on public access TV, feel free to buy one and show it there. We would like to thank the Cascadia Media Collective and Shade in particular for the work that went into making this film. It has greatly aided in spreading Jeff's ideas and his case around the world.

As always, we are nearing the end of the first print run for Heartcheck: the zine by political prisoners Jeff 'Free' Luers and Rob los ricos Thaxton. If you havent gotten a copy, please order one soon and make this project a worthwhile one for our legal fundraising purposes.More information on where you can get this excellent zine is at

And if you havent heard, November 11-13th are the days to "RAISE A RUCKUS FOR ROB LOS RICOS". More information at

Finally, some friends of Free's are in prison or facing down grand juries. Show them your support:
Political Prisoner Tre Arrow needs your support. He is facing extradition from Canada to Oregon state on serious charges and needs letters in his defense.
The state is using the grand jury to jail former Black Panthers and animal liberation activists in San Francisco and against social justice and community activists in San Diego
Plenty of earth liberation activists need your support. check out this ite.
Peter Young gets sentenced on November 8th
And finally, if you havent seen this site, you should. It is all about global warming from someone who has been screaming about it for years.

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