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Boardwalk Ordered to Open Illegal Gate, And More!

BOARDWALK ORDERED TO OPEN ILLEGAL GATE, AND MORE! Former Mayor and community activist, and SCRP member Christopher Krohn went to San Diego last week to testify to the Coastal Commission for not allowing the Seaside Company to lock and fence the eastern gate to the Boardwalk. He won his case and the Sentinel reported about 1/10 of Krohn's news. Here's a special complete report that Christopher wrote while in San Diego. It's long but its must reading if you want to understand what is going on between the Seaside Company and the City of Santa Cruz. Chris also warns right us right at the top, "Disclaimer: THIS IS A BIASED REPORT". READ IT HERE
BOARDWALK BUSINESS. Now that the figure of the more than 3 million people go to the boardwalk every year has been made public, we need to re-do our math. You go and figure the amount of city taxes the Boardwalk should pay just for the $10 per car that they've been charging for years. Now check out Susan McCabe, she's the Seaside lobbyist who tried to work the Coastal Commission over in San Diego. Go to her website at She represents almost every developer and movie star who's ever wanted to make big money by developing our California Coastline. Chevron Santa Barbara, Cypress Point Golf Club Pebble Beach, Sea World San Diego, David Geffen, Malibu, Barbra Streisand (of course), Cal Am Water, Monterey. She also has represented The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, BF Goodrich, Lorillard, Methanex Methanol. Mc Cabe's lobbying is big time and for sure the Seaside Company isn't fooling around. As previously mentioned in this space this City Council is the most wishy-washy, kissy-poo council we've ever had. They'll do anything for an easy buck in the name of social programs; we need to watch them more closely than ever as they continue their dealings with Charlie Canfield, Susan McCabe, Dick Wilson, John Barisone and Ceil Cirillo. Has anybody ever stopped to think how much cleaner, more ethical and especially profitable to the city it would be if we had an OHLONE Indian Casino there instead of the Boardwalk? There are many Ohlone Indians in our area, and the City would make much more money in taxes than Charlie Canfield would ever dream of parting with!! Don't laugh too quickly, think about it.

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Re: Boardwalk Ordered to Open Illegal Gate, And More!

The Ohlone have been culturally extince for 70 years. Wishing does not make it so. If the Boardwalk were to disappear, so would 99% of your tourism. You may not care, but your local businesses would. You don't care about business now...but you will. After you ditch the tired leftism expected of UCSC students, and rejoin the real world, you will see what a delusion it all was. But go ahead and enjoy it. You'll get over it.

Re: Boardwalk Ordered to Open Illegal Gate, And More!

Your ignorance is only superseeded by your crassness and pathetic attempt to construct a concept of "the real world". 513 years of imperial genocide was not enough to kill niether the spirit, culture or physical bodies of oholone brothers. We may have assimilated to a degree, but we still walk among you.


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