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The Charmed Life of Harriet Ellan Miers

Harriet Miers is used to having petty details handled for her- and invariably to her advantage. All he ever has to do is make sure that her boss, George W. Bush enjoys the same elegant service that she does. When Alberto Gonzales was appointed Attorney General, Harriet took over his duties. What were those duties? To establish an apologia for the US government policies of torture, as used in Abu Ghraib (Mirror of link))and Guantanamo Bay.

Miers has not veered from the course that Gonzales set for her, and continues to make "progress".

The charmed nature of the rewards she enjoys in her personal life for such superior service are beginning to come to light: although, you can be sure, the corporate media will be slow to bring the story to the national stage.

Harriet Ellan Miers is a woman from Texas who has worked for George W. for a long time: during the time period when he used his position as governer to make a killing on his sale of the Texas Rangers baseball team. The mass media paints this as a time when "she helped clean up the Texas Lottery". Is that all she was involved in? her employer's' activities spannned a far greater range.
In a nutshell, he was offered a piece of this valuable franchise for only $600,000, by supporters of his dad who also bailed out his failing oil company. He sold his stake for $14 million - while Texas governor -- to a Texas millionaire with lots of businesses regulated by his administration. "When all it is all said and done, I will have made more money than I ever dreamed I would make," Bush told the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

And in her life, things went smoothly. When it came time for her to sell a property that was part of a superfund waste dump, she unknowingly collected a tidy profit. reported the details earlier today:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Texas officials paid Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers' family more than $100,000 for a small piece of land in 2000 -- 10 times the land's worth -- despite the state's objections to the way the price was determined, Knight Ridder Newspapers reported Saturday.

The three-member committee that determined the price included Peggy Lundy, a friend of Miers, and property-rights activist Cathie Adams, Knight Ridder reported. They were appointed to the panel by state District Judge David Evans, who had received at least $5,000 in campaign contributions from Miers' law firm. full story
Harriet Miers is tough as nails and a strong supporter of Bush's most personal exploits, regardless of their impact on the welfare of the nation. For this, she has been highly paid and has received many privileges.

Let's make sure her nomination for a seat on the highest court in the land is exposed for the outrage that it truly is, and take advantage of this opportunity to peer deeply into the insiders life that she has led as part of the Bush Family entourage.

David Roknich,


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